Ai Deepfakes Crash the Met Gala Red Carpet, Raising Concerns!

Met Gala 2024 wasn't just about crazy hats and noticeably different fashion. It was "a battlefield of AI. "AI-generated images, deepfakes for short that flooded social media saying that music stars like Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry attended the party wearing extraordinary dresses when in fact, they had not.

Such massively convincing imitations convinced even the fans, and Katy Pery shared a message from her mom who complimented her dress saying:

“Ha Feather! Din’t know you went to the Met,” -emojis- “What a gorgeous gown, you look like the Rose Parade, you are your own float lol.”

Although Rihanna was one of the celebrities who took the situation lightly, this incident also reflects the ever-growing problems associated with deepfakes.

Here are a few AI-generated Meta Gala photos that are actually deep fakes and not real:

AI-Generated Deepfake of Katy Perry at Met Gala

AI-Generated Deepfake of Lady Gaga at Met Gala

AI-Generated Deepfake of Rihanna at Met Gala

These ai-generated images and videos can be very persuasive, creating a borderline between the real and the fictional. This leads to concerns that it can be used to spread falsehoods, ruin people's reputations, and so on. 

The deepfakes at the Met Gala act as a wake-up call when it comes to increasing awareness about the deepfakes and working on the tools to distinguish them. It also points out the need for critical thinking when accessing data on the internet.