Catturd (Phillip Buchanan)

Catturd (Phillip Buchanan)

Phillip Buchanan, known online as Catturd, was born on September 18, 1964. He resides in Wewahitchka, Florida, on a secluded ranch. Catturd has led a varied life, marked by multiple careers and personal ventures before achieving the online fame that he's known for today.

His early years included service in the U.S. Army and playing in a rock band named the Groovy Grapes. Despite some interest from music producers in the mid-90s, his music career did not achieve significant success. Catturd has been married three times, and all marriages have ended in divorce.

As Tucker Carlson recently interviewed him, today we are talking about everything related to this 59-year-old international sensation better known as @Catturd2 on Twitter (now X). So let's explore more about who is Catturd (a right-wing American) and why he's famous:

Career Before Catturd

Before becoming a social media influencer, Catturd's career was eclectic. His service in the U.S. Army right out of high school and his subsequent involvement in the music industry were significant chapters in his life.

Additionally, he worked at the post office, reflecting a diverse range of experiences prior to his online notoriety.

Creation of Catturd Persona

The genesis of the Catturd persona occurred in 2018 when Buchanan created the Twitter handle @Catturd2.

This was spurred by a personal setback involving severe arthritis, which ended his ability to play guitar—a key aspect of his life until then.

Seeking a new creative outlet, Buchanan turned to Twitter, where he began posting his opinions on politics and current events.

Rise to Fame

Catturd began posting on Disqus in the 2010s under articles from sites like Breitbart News. He created the Twitter handle @catturd2 in September 2018 after @catturd was taken and Catturd's Twitter account quickly gained traction due to his provocative and unfiltered style with retweets from Jack Posobiec.

His tweets often feature a mix of scatological humor and right-wing political commentary, attracting a large following. His account rapidly grew to over 100,000 followers within a year and reached half a million by the end of 2020, with Donald Trump retweeting him seven times.

Media Matters accused him of trying to manipulate Twitter's trending topics.

In March 2023, leaked documents revealed that Twitter artificially boosted Catturd's reach under Musk. That same month, a Twitter poll by Catturd showing Trump winning a hypothetical 2024 primary was highlighted by Trump and his super PAC, MAGA Inc.

By consistently engaging with and being retweeted by prominent conservative figures, including Donald Trump and Elon Musk, Catturd's influence grew substantially. His commentary during the 2020 U.S. presidential election, where he propagated claims of election fraud, further amplified his profile​.

He supported Elon Musk's acquisition of Twitter and the reduction of content moderation, though he later criticized Musk, claiming his account was shadowbanned.

In March 2023, leaked documents revealed that Twitter artificially boosted Catturd's reach under Musk. That same month, a Twitter poll by Catturd showing Trump winning a hypothetical 2024 primary was highlighted by Trump and his super PAC, MAGA Inc.

So, at the age of 59, Catturd is smart and enjoying a fame-life.

Online Presence and Influence

Catturd's online presence is characterized by his focus on political issues and his pets, with a particular fondness for his cats and dogs and that's also why people are searching for Catturd Cat, Catturd Dog, and such terms online.

His tweets are known for their inflammatory nature, often targeting political figures and liberal ideologies.

Despite this aggressive online persona, Buchanan maintains a private life, preferring to keep his real identity and local activities separate from his internet fame.

Podcasts and Media Appearances

Catturd (Phillip Buchanan)

Expanding beyond Twitter (now X), Buchanan hosts a podcast titled "In the Litter Box," where he continues to discuss political topics.

His media appearances have included interviews with significant figures like Tucker Carlson, further broadening his influence.

Catturd's story and commentary have been featured in various right-wing media outlets, contributing to his growing reputation.

Community Perception

In his hometown of Wewahitchka, Buchanan is relatively unknown. Many local residents are unaware of his online persona, a situation Buchanan prefers.

He has expressed a desire to keep his private life distinct from his online activities, stating that he does not engage in local politics and enjoys the anonymity his community provides.

Public Controversies

Catturd has been involved in several public controversies, often due to his inflammatory tweets. Notably, his tweets about election fraud and other conspiracy theories have sparked significant debate and backlash.

His interactions with public figures, such as a confrontation with retired Rep. Adam Kinzinger over a cartoon, have also brought him into the spotlight, showcasing the contentious nature of his online persona.

Net Worth and Financial Influence

Catturd's online activities have also translated into financial success. His substantial following on Twitter and other platforms provides avenues for monetization through ad revenue and sponsored content.

While specific figures are not publicly detailed, estimates suggest that his influence and reach make him a significant player in the digital political commentary space.

As we can't really have an estimated net worth of Catturd that could be presented here, we can take a rough estimate of under $1 million as his net worth.

Legacy and Impact

Phillip Buchanan, as Catturd, represents a unique figure in modern digital culture. His journey from a diverse career background to becoming a prominent online influencer underscores the transformative power of social media.

Despite his controversial methods and the polarized opinions he elicits, Catturd's impact on political discourse and digital communication is undeniable.

His ability to maintain a distinct separation between his online and offline lives further adds to the complexity of his character and influence.

So, that's the story of Phillip Buchanan famous as Catturd, a man who turned his life around by leveraging the power of social media, all while maintaining a low-profile existence in rural Florida.