Fit at Home: How to Build a Full-Body Workout Routine with Resistance Bands

If you’re looking to start exercising and get stronger, working out at home is an ideal place to start. It’s cheaper, more convenient, and more flexible.

Fit at Home: How to Build a Full-Body Workout Routine with Resistance Bands

However, not everyone has the money or space to create a full home guy. The solution is resistance bands.

Whether you’re just starting your fitness journey or looking to add a new element to your workings, you should add resistance bands home gym.

Benefits of Resistance Bands in Home Gyms

You might doubt you can get a good workout with a giant rubber band, but resistance bands are incredibly effective at building muscle strength. They offer several benefits and advantages over dumbbells and other weight machines.

  • Affordability
  • Work muscles in a unique way
  • Space
  • Portability
  • Low risk of injury

Thanks to the versatility of exercise bands, you can design a highly effective full-body strength workout you can do right at home.

For the following workout, choose bands that let you complete 10-14 reps per set, repeating the entire workout two times through.

Upper Body Exercises

These exercises will target the muscles of your arms, shoulders, chest, back, and core. 

Traditional Bicep Curls

Stand with the resistance band under each foot. With elbows pinned to your side, bend your arms at the elbow and lift your palms to your shoulders. 

Tricep Overheard Extension

Stand with your left foot slightly ahead of the right, bent slightly at your knee. Pin the band under your right foot, keeping your leg straight. Hold the ends of the band in each hand. With your elbows bent, position your arms so that your biceps are by your ears with your elbows facing forward. Without moving your upper arm, lift your arms straight overhead.

Lateral Shoulder Raises

Stand with both feet on top of the band, feet roughly shoulder width apart. Holding the ends of the band with your palms facing down, lift your arms straight to the side until they’re shoulder height. 

Narrow Grip Bentover Rows

Run the resistance band under your feet, standing with your feet about shoulder width. Bend at the waist to a 90-degree angle. Bend your arms at the elbow and squeeze your shoulder blades together to pull the ends back to your pockets.

Standing or Supine Chest Flies

For standing chest flies, attach your resistance band to a wall at chest height. Stand far enough from your wall so you can feel a small amount of tension through the band when your arm is straight out to the side. Keeping your arm straight, draw in the band so your arm is 90 degrees in front. 

Lower Body Exercises

The following moves will work your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and inner thighs.

Wide-Leg Goblet Squat

Loop the resistance band around both legs, roughly at knee height. Keeping your feet planted slightly wider than shoulder length, face forward. Bend at the knees and hips, lowering your torso straight down until your knees reach a right angle. Push through your heels and engage your leg muscles to straighten back up.

Single-Leg Split Squat

Stand with one leg slightly in ahead of the other with the band under the forward foot. Curl the ends of the band up to create tension and lower down to a lunge by bending your knees. Stand straight up to engage your quads and glutes.

Side Squat March

Stand with your legs at shoulder width with the band looped under your feet. Pull the ends of the bands up to create tension. In a motion similar to the sumo squat, bend at the knees and hips until your upper legs are aligned with the ground. Keep your back straight and face straight forward. Step your left leg in toward the right. Step your right leg so that you’re walking sideways. Count each step of both legs as a single rep.

Once you’ve finished this workout, it's time for a cool down and stretch. Focus on static stretches to lengthen the muscles you just worked.

Resistance bands are a fantastic way to strengthen and improve muscle conditioning. With the above exercises, you’ll get an effective full-body workout that hits every major muscle group. Truly, there are almost no limitations when using your home gym resistance bands.