Hoodmaps – Crowdsourced Maps

In the digital age where maps are no longer just about navigation, a groundbreaking tool by Pieter Levels called Hoodmaps is making waves and going viral yet again.

Hoodmaps – Crowdsourced Maps

This innovative, crowd-sourced platform offers a unique perspective on urban environments, capturing the social and cultural essence of neighborhoods around the globe and letting people edit the maps and give titles so others can navigate easily.

Let’s explore the phenomenon of Hoodmaps, and uncover its functionality, and explore why it’s becoming a must-have for urban explorers around the world:

What is Hoodmaps?

Hoodmaps is the brainchild of Dutch designer and web developer Pieter Levels, known for his creative ventures in the tech world. Launched as an interactive online map, Hoodmaps allows users to annotate neighborhoods with colorful, descriptive labels.

These labels, contributed by people from various walks of life, highlight the dominant social groups and cultural vibes of different areas. Think of it as a living, breathing guide to the personality of a city, painted by its own residents.

How Hoodmaps Works

The concept behind Hoodmaps is simple yet powerful: harness the collective knowledge of locals to create a dynamic map of urban landscapes.

Users can tag areas with six primary colors, each representing a different social category:

  1. Red for Hipsters
  2. Blue for Tourists
  3. Green for Rich
  4. Yellow for Students
  5. Pink for Normies (ordinary folks)
  6. Gray for Techies

These colors provide an at-a-glance understanding of who frequents different neighborhoods.

Users can add notes (annotations), share experiences, and update information, ensuring that the map evolves with the changing urban milieu.

Why Hoodmaps is Gaining Popularity

The idea behind Hoodmaps was simple, and it was like "Let Everyone Edit Maps" and here's what made it a hit product:

  • Urban Exploration Made Easy: For anyone new to a city or looking to explore different areas, Hoodmaps offers an insider’s perspective. It helps identify spots where you might find hipster cafes, tech startups, or bustling tourist attractions.
  • Insightful Real Estate Decisions: Homebuyers and renters can use Hoodmaps to get a feel for potential neighborhoods. By understanding the social dynamics, they can choose areas that align with their lifestyle preferences.
  • Cultural and Social Research: Hoodmaps serves as a valuable resource for sociologists, urban planners, and researchers. It provides grassroots data on demographic trends and cultural shifts that can inform studies and projects.
  • Community Engagement: Contributing to Hoodmaps fosters a sense of community among residents. It allows people to share their local knowledge and connect over common interests, strengthening the social fabric.

These are some interesting features that even Google Maps is not offering and that's actually why the Hoodmaps is going viral.

Interesting Statistics and Trends

Let's discover some interesting facts about Hoodmaps to make you understand why I felt that a blog post about this product should be written:

  • Global Coverage: Hoodmaps spans cities worldwide, from New York and London to Tokyo and Sydney. This broad coverage enables users to compare urban cultures across different continents.
  • User Contributions: With over 1 million contributions as of 2024, Hoodmaps boasts a robust database of urban insights. This extensive participation ensures diverse and accurate representations of neighborhoods.
  • Most Mapped Cities: Cities like San Francisco, Berlin, and Amsterdam are among the most actively mapped, reflecting high engagement in these culturally rich and tech-savvy areas.
  • Dominant Categories: The "Hipster" category is particularly prominent, especially in cities known for their vibrant cultural scenes like Berlin and Brooklyn. This trend underscores the growing influence of creative communities in urban settings.

Doesn't this product deserve my input?

How to Make the Most of Hoodmaps

Here's how you can use Hoodmaps to make it a helpful maps platform for your everyday usage:

  • Regular Updates: Cities are dynamic, and neighborhoods can change rapidly. Regularly checking Hoodmaps can provide up-to-date insights into emerging trends and shifts.
  • Cross-Referencing: While Hoodmaps offers valuable information, it’s best used in conjunction with other sources like local news, real estate websites, and social media for a comprehensive view.
  • Community Interaction: Engaging with other users on Hoodmaps can enhance your understanding of an area. Sharing experiences and discussing local hotspots adds depth to the map’s data.

Interesting right?

Wanna use it?

Just go to hoodmaps.com and allow the location tracking option, it will track your city and show you an interactively crowdsourced map of your current location.



Hoodmaps is revolutionizing the way we understand and interact with urban environments not just like Google Maps, but it is something unique and real.

By tapping into the collective wisdom of locals, it paints a vivid picture of city life that goes beyond traditional maps and says what should be said.

Whether you’re a traveler seeking the coolest hangouts, a new resident exploring your city, or a researcher studying urban trends, Hoodmaps offers a unique and insightful perspective.

As it continues to grow and evolve, Hoodmaps promises to be an indispensable tool for anyone looking to uncover the true character of the world’s cities and we are thankful to Pieter Levels for making a great maps platform.