How to Clear Facebook Cached Data

Facebook, the big name in the social media world, people use this social media technology to run their businesses, for community work, for studies, to be socialized and much more. 

How to Clear Facebook Cached Data

In this article we are going to guide you about what is meant by the cached data in Facebook and how to clear or delete this cached data from Facebook by following the simplest and easiest method.

How to Clear Facebook Cached Data

Like other apps, social medias and browsers, if you clear the cache from Facebook it will start working faster for you. But before clearing this cache, you need to know what is in it.

FaceBook Cache?

Facebook, like other social media apps and browsers, stores in the background the various posts you make or interact with, your uploaded and viewed photos and your shared and watched videos, to work faster and more smoothly. As when all this is stored in the background, it will be easy for Facebook to reload it immediately for you. 

After a long time when you have not cleared the cache from Facebook, the more and more data storedec in Facebook can make it work slower for you, therefore after sometime you should clear the cached data from Facebook so that it can work better for you.

Steps to Clear Cache and Cookies on Facebook

If you are using Facebook in any web browser, then clearing the browsaer's cache will clear the Facebook cache. To clear the Facebook cache from App follow the following steps:

  1. Open the Facebook App on your device.
  2. From the bottom right corner of the screen, click the three lines Menu icon.
  3. Now, scroll down and select Settings & Privacy.
  4. Go to Settings from there.
  5. Next, scroll down to Permissions section and select Browser.
  6. Under Browsing Data option tap the Clear button.

And that's it, this way you can clear the Facebook cache.


Q: How to clear the Facebook cache?

Ans: You can follow the above guide to clear the Facebook cache safely.

Q: Is it harmful to clear the Facebook cache?

Ans: It is not at all harmful to clear the Facebook cache, infact it makes Facebook to work better and faster for you if you use to clear its cache after a month or two. Too much cached data stored in the backgrond can effect the performance of Facebook like it effects the performance of other apps and browsers.

So, this was a simple and easy guide for the ones who are on Facebook and use to scroll it or work on it all the time and need to know about how to clear Facebook cache to make it work better.

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