iOS 18 Features List – is AI taking over iPhones?

iOS 18 Features List – is AI taking over iPhones?

Move over Siri, because your iPhone is about to get a whole lot smarter (and a little more intuitive) with the release of iOS 18. Apple's latest update (set to be released in September 2024) ditches the crystal ball for some serious artificial intelligence (AI) muscle, promising features that will make your phone feel less like a device and more like a digital friend who can actually keep up with your whirlwind life and act as per your demands.

Let's check the features here:

iOS 18 Features List (Complete)

  1. AI-powered Emoji Suggestions
  2. Smart Summaries
  3. Eye-Control Accessibility
  4. Music Haptics
  5. Suggested Replies (for messages and emails)
  6. Improved Focus with Siri Integration
  7. Custom App Icons
  8. Voice Memo Transcription
  9. Smarter Siri
  10. Custom Emojis (possibly)
  11. Generative AI in Apps (rumored)
  12. Redesigned Homescreen (rumored)

Want more details? read below:

1. AI Emoji Suggestions

Never struggle to find the perfect emoji again.

Say goodbye to endless scrolling through emoji menus. iOS 18 uses AI to read the tone of your message and suggest the perfect emoji, whether you're rolling your eyes at a friend's text or bursting with pride over a work accomplishment.

2. AI-Summaries (Smart Summaries):

We've all been there - buried under a notification avalanche. iOS 18 steps in with AI-powered "Smart Summaries" just like Google's AI Overview in Google SERPs. So, no more sifting through a dozen emails or missed calls. AI will curate bite-sized summaries of the most important info, ensuring you're always in the loop, even when you're out of time.

3. Eye-Control:

Imagine: Navigate your phone using just your eyes!

For those who find navigating their phone a finger fumbling frenzy and are getting bored with this, iOS 18 will introduce eye-control accessibility features. The AI uses your front-facing camera to track your gaze, allowing you to control your phone simply by looking where you want to go.

4. Music Haptics:

Forget fancy headphones, iOS 18 brings a whole new dimension to the music with "Music Haptics."  The AI analyzes the music you're listening to and creates subtle haptic feedback through your phone,  letting you feel the rhythm and truly immerse yourself in the music.

5. Suggested Replies:

Imagine AI-powered photo editing suggestions or news summaries within the News app.

While iOS 18 won't be reading your mind just yet, it will be taking your messages and emails to the next level with AI-powered "Suggested Replies." Stuck in a text conversation and can't think of the right words? Let AI help you out with witty responses, polite turn-downs, or quick confirmations, and do more with its powers in apps.

6. Focus on What Matters:

We all know the struggle of staying focused in today's digital age. iOS 18 tackles this with improved Siri integration. Imagine asking Siri to "help me focus on work for the next hour," and having your phone automatically silence notifications, turn off distracting apps, and even remind you to take a break every now and then.

7. Custom App Icons:

Get ready to personalize your iPhone like never before with custom app icon themes. It might sound like an Android feature, but iOS 18 lets you ditch the generic app icons and design your own,  allowing you to create a home screen that reflects your unique style.

8. Hear Me Now, Write it Down Later:

No more scrambling to jot down notes during a conversation. iOS 18 brings voice memo transcription, using AI to automatically convert your spoken words to text within the memo app.

9. A Smarter Siri:

Apple's virtual assistant is getting a major upgrade.  iOS 18 promises a "Smarter Siri" with improved natural language processing, allowing for more fluid and natural conversations.

10. Custom Emojis, All Yours:

While AI-suggested emojis are a handy feature, iOS 18 might also offer the ability to create your own custom emojis, letting you add a touch of you to your digital communication.

While the above features would be with you in the iOS 18 update, the below two features may or may not come in iOS 18 but are being mentioned by trusted sources over the internet:

11. Gen AI Revolution:

Generative AI, a powerful form of AI that can create new content, is rumored to be making its way into Apple's core apps. Imagine photo editing suggestions or even AI-powered news summaries within the News app.

12. A Redesigned Homescreen:

While specific details are slim, rumors suggest a redesigned home screen for iOS 18.  This could involve widgets taking center stage or perhaps a more customizable layout to optimize your user experience.

The next question in this iOS 18 news is about the online and offline features, so here's some interesting finding:

On-Device vs. Cloud AI: 

A key question regarding iOS 18's AI features is how much processing will happen on the device itself versus relying on the cloud.

Apple may prioritize on-device AI for privacy reasons, but that could limit some of the more advanced features and you may need to connect to the internet for an impressive experience. The company is empathizing with iPhones' ability to use AI features without the need for an internet connection.

So it is like we will know about this when the iOS 18 update comes out,

Beta Preview?

Keep in mind that with so many groundbreaking AI features on the horizon, Apple might release some of them as a "beta preview" within iOS 18 before its official release in September 2024, allowing users to test them out and provide feedback for future updates.

Overall, iOS 18 isn't just an update, it's an intelligent assistant waiting to streamline your life and make things a little more fun.

So, get ready to ditch the guesswork and embrace a future where your phone can not only keep up with you but maybe even anticipate