Jonathan Yudelman ASU Scholar on Leave After Viral Video Shows Confrontation with Woman in Hijab

Recently a Jonathan Yudelman ASU topic has been trending on Google as many are searching about the recent happening and true story behind a viral video where Jonathan Yudelman can be seen opening a verbal attack on a woman in Hijab. Here we have details for you:

Jonathan Yudelman ASU Scholar on Leave After Viral Video Shows Confrontation with Woman in Hijab

Jonathan Yudelman, an Arizona State University (ASU) postdoctoral research scholar, is on administrative leave after a viral video revealed his aggressive attack on an Iranian-American woman wearing a hijab during a pro-Israel demonstration. 

In the video, Yudelman and an unnamed man can be seen walking toward the woman who backs away from Yudelman as the latter inches closer to her. The woman cries out at Yudelman for breaching her religious uplifts, and the latter responds by swearing at the woman.

In an official statement, the Arizona chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the incident with harsh words and called "law enforcement to arrest Arizona State University (ASU) professor Jonathan Yudelman for allegedly harassing and assaulting a Muslim woman in a hijab,".

The comments on the viral Instagram video where you can see Jonathan Yudelman harassing a Muslim girl in Hijab are so direct and straightforward (people want him arrested):

Jonathan Yudelman harassing a Muslim girl in Hijab

ASU began an investigation into the event and Yudelman currently continues to serve on leave pending the investigation's results. The CAIR's (Council on American-Islamic Relations) Arizona chapter has made the request to charge and fire Yudelman.  The incident was seen as discriminatory and infringed upon the principles of academic integrity. 

The university official stated that:

"ASU is aware of the allegations against Jonathan Yudelman and is investigating them,"

It further added:

"Dr. Yudelman is on leave and will remain so pending the outcome of the investigation."

Nevertheless, Yudelman who is the teacher of American politics and ethics courses, has failed to reply to the queries engaged to him.

Up to the day of the incident, Yudelman assured about pro-Palestinian protests on campuses and backed up the pro-Israel rally. 

This incident occurs at a time of raised tensions that stem from the ongoing Israel-Palestine tension. ASU has not responded to any potential link between the worldwide situation and campus events.