Top 20+ Streameast Alternatives that are Legal and Free!

Are you finding some great Streameast alternatives?

Well, you should try its alternatives as it is an illegal website and probably not a great option to watch a sports event and have fun. It shows you enormous ads and makes you feel more annoyed than enjoyed. But you don’t have to worry, as I am here to provide you with 20+ Streameast alternatives that are free and 100% legal so you can watch any sports event live and stream without having any headache.

Top 20+ Streameast Alternatives that are Legal and Free!

These alternatives will let you watch these sports events:

  1. NFL (National Football League) games
  2. NBA (National Basketball Association) games
  3. NHL (National Hockey League) games
  4. MLB (Major League Baseball) games
  5. Soccer matches (Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, etc.)
  6. Tennis tournaments (Grand Slams, ATP Tour, WTA Tour)
  7. UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) events
  8. Golf tournaments (PGA Tour, Masters, U.S. Open, The Open Championship)
  9. NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) football and basketball games
  10. Motorsports events (Formula 1, NASCAR, MotoGP)
  11. Boxing matches
  12. Rugby matches (Six Nations, Rugby World Cup)
  13. Cricket matches (ICC events, T20 leagues)
  14. WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) pay-per-view events
  15. Olympic Games (Summer and Winter Olympics)

And the list goes on and on.

What is Streameast?

Streameast is a popular platform for watching live sports events for free and has successfully carved a niche for itself as a go-to platform for free live sports streaming for NFL, Boxing, Soccer, and other sports events. Despite its popularity, Streameast presents several drawbacks and has limitations such as:

  • Illegal platform: It looks like Streameast is an illegal website and may contain harmful content.
  • Limited broadcasting rights: You might not be able to access certain matches depending on your location.
  • Ad interruptions: Streams can be interrupted by ads.
  • Reliability issues: Stream quality and availability can be inconsistent.

Why you should not use Streameast?

StreamEast or Stream East is not a legal rights holder for any sports event that they stream on the website and doesn’t have distribution rights. They stream pirated content that’s against the policies of the given sports events. So, it is a 100% illegal website and you should use its legal and free alternatives to be safe from data theft and other issues.

Why Look for Alternatives?

Suppose you're looking for a more reliable, ad-free, or geographically unrestricted streaming experience like many other users who seek stream east alternatives to fulfill their streaming needs without compromising their privacy and safety. In that case, there are many alternatives available right here on this page for you to choose from.

Types of Alternatives:

There are two main categories of Streameast alternatives:

  1. Free Streaming Websites: These websites offer free access to live sports and other content, but often have limitations like ads, pop-ups, collecting and selling your personal data, and unreliable streams.
  2. Paid Streaming Services: These services require a subscription fee, but offer high-quality (up to HD and 4K streaming), reliable streams, and may include additional features like cloud DVR and original content.

However, not all the free services are untrusted, you can actually find some reliable options below:

Free Streaming Websites:

Here's a list of popular free streaming websites like Streameast (but these might not be trusted alternatives to stream east), along with their pros and cons:

  • Cyberflix, TeaTV, TVZion, Titanium TV, Mobdro, Bee TV: These offer a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and live channels, but may have intrusive ads and unreliable sports streams.
  • Kodi, Plex, Emby, Jellyfin: These are media server software that allow you to organize and stream your personal media collection on multiple devices. Some add-ons for Kodi offer live TV streaming, but legality and reliability can vary.
  • SPMC: A Kodi fork optimized for Android devices.

Important Note: Accessing copyrighted content through unauthorized means can be illegal and may have legal issues associated with it. Be sure to check the legality of streaming services in your region and to avoid any misconception, use the below alternatives of streameast:

Top 10 Streameast Alternatives that are Legal and Free!

Here's a great list of stream east alternatives that are legal and free (some paid) for everyone to watch their favorite sports even whether it is NFL, Soccer, or any other game.

NOTE: The streameast alternative mentioned at #1 and option #17 are the greatest options to choose from:

1. CBS Sports:

Want to watch 100% free and check the fastest scores and updates on your favorite sports events? CBS Sports would be your choice, go with them.

  • Pros: Provides live streaming of various sports events, including NFL games.
  • Cons: Limited to CBS Sports content.

They are known for their fast scores, news and live videos, you will surely love them.

2. ESPN+:

ESPN+ not only gives you access to sports events that you can access on Streameast live, but also more than that like UFC fights, basketball, cricket, baseball, and much more. They provide you a free trial which you can get by a network service plan from Verizon or AT&T.

  • Pros: Offers a wide range of sports content, including live events, documentaries, and original programming.
  • Cons: Requires a subscription after a free trial period.
Although it is a paid service, it is worth the money and doesn't harm your privacy at all.

3. NBC Sports:

NBCSports is not just a tiny sports website, it s a complete platform with almost every sports event being covered with news, videos, and live streams for events such as NFL, NBA, Tennis, Cycling, Fantasy Sports, Rugby, Olympics, Figure Skating, and much more.

  • Pros: Streams a variety of sports events, including the Olympics, Premier League, and NHL.
  • Cons: Limited to NBC Sports content.

4. Fox Sports Go:

Fox Sports Go live might have changed the name to Bally Sports app which is a free app, but to access live games and shows one may need a Pay TV subscription and it still it's more worthy than the free alternatives to streameast.

  • Pros: Streams live sports events from Fox Sports channels.
  • Cons: Requires a cable subscription for access.

Essentially, if you have a cable subscription, you can access free live streams of popular sports events for free with the Fox Sports Go app.

5. Yahoo Sports:

You might be looking for Yahoo Fantasy games, but NBA, NFL, MLB and all other sports events are being covered by Yahoo, with latest news, videos and stream options to help you watch a live match for free, without paying a dime.

  • Pros: Offers free live streaming of NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, and soccer games.
  • Cons: Limited to select games and events.

6. Twitch:

Who doesn't know Twitch? the gamers paradise, here you can watch sports events with popular gamers and content creators who also entertain you while giving you updates about your favorite gaming event.

  • Pros: Streams esports tournaments, gaming events, and occasional sports content.
  • Cons: Limited to certain sports and events.

7. Facebook Watch:

Available inside the Facebook app for android and ios users and as well as on any browser. Howveer, while not everybody would go with it, it is a great option to watch a live sports event without seeing much ads and waiting for the stream to start.

  • Pros: Occasionally streams live sports events, including MLB games and soccer matches.
  • Cons: Limited to select events and may have geographical restrictions.

8. YouTube Sports:

I would have listed Youtube as the #1 sport, but it does have some flaws such as intrusive ads and more, but again, it is a great option to watch live streams of almost every sports event that you maybe thinking about and if you are not interested in the other streameast alternatives, you should definitely go with Youtube.

  • Pros: Various channels offer live sports streams, including official leagues and broadcasters.
  • Cons: Quality and availability of sports content vary widely.

9. Reddit Streams:

A new player in the streaming category, but an experienced platform. You may not find live videos on Reddit, but you can actually find hundreds of links where you can actually watch a live sports event for free. This is a community platform and is really a helpful network:

  • Pros: Community-curated links to live sports streams.
  • Cons: Quality may be inconsistent, and legality can be dubious.


The last option is Laola1 TV, and it is a great option for everyone looking for a streameast alternate site.

  • Pros: Streams various international sports events, including football, volleyball, and table tennis.
  • Cons: Limited to non-mainstream sports.

Let's take a break now, and read a disclaimer:

Remember to always verify the legality of streaming services in your region, as unauthorized streaming may infringe upon copyright laws and put you in legal trouble.

Additionally, the availability of these sports streaming services may vary depending on your location and you should use a VPN only if your local laws allow it.

Now to the list again:

11. Pluto TV Sports:

While you can’t find NFL, or other games on Pluto TV Sports, you can easily watch Real Madrid TV, The Surf Channel, and many other great channels.

  • Pros: Offers a dedicated sports section with a variety of live and on-demand sports content.
  • Cons: Limited selection compared to other platforms.

12. Stadium:

The Stadium app is a great way to catch up with latest sports news and find interesting facts, you can download for free.

  • Pros: Streams college sports, including football and basketball, along with other original sports programming.
  • Cons: Limited to certain college sports and may not have major professional leagues.

13. Tubi TV:

Watch many free sports and get access to sports documentaries that you might not see on other platforms.

  • Pros: Provides a range of free streaming content, including some sports documentaries and classic games.
  • Cons: Limited sports content compared to other platforms.

14. Red Bull TV:

Love to watch adventures? Red Bull TV is offering you free live events, films, and much more to kill time and watch something exciting.

  • Pros: Streams various extreme sports events, documentaries, and original programming.
  • Cons: Focused on niche sports and may not appeal to mainstream sports fans.

15. Dailymotion:

Just like youtube, but with slightly lower quality. On Dailymotion, you can find live streams and old streaming videos for various sport events.

  • Pros: Users upload sports highlights, interviews, and occasional live streams.
  • Cons: Quality and reliability of streams vary, and may include pirated content.

16. Hotstar:

With some free content and a focus on Indian sports events, it a great alternative to Streameast as it is a legal service and is now linked with Disney+ to provide you with quality content.

  • Pros: Offers live streaming of cricket, football, and other sports events, along with original programming.
  • Cons: Primarily focused on Indian sports and may have regional restrictions.

17. BBC iPlayer:

Another great and fully free service directly from BBC that allows you to access some exciting sports streams, and use as the best Streameast alternative and that too with no commercial advertising.

  • Pros: Streams live sports events, including football, rugby, and tennis, along with other BBC programming.
  • Cons: Limited to BBC sports coverage and may have geographic restrictions.

18. ITV Hub:

ITV Hub is also a great alternative to streamseast with a few great options to watch live for free.

  • Pros: Provides free streaming of live sports events, including football and rugby, along with other ITV content.
  • Cons: Limited to ITV sports coverage and may have regional restrictions.

19. Cricbuzz:

If you are a cricket lover and don't want to miss any ball, you can get fresh updates and enjoy using Cricbuzz, it is the #1 choice for cricket fans around the globe.

  • Pros: Offers live streaming of cricket matches, along with score updates, news, and analysis.
  • Cons: Primarily focused on cricket and may not appeal to fans of other sports.

20. SonyLIV:

Lastly, Sony LIV is something you should always go can check to find updates about football, cricket and other mainstream sports events.

  • Pros: Streams live cricket, football, and other sports events, along with movies and TV shows.
  • Cons: Primarily focused on Indian sports and may have regional restrictions.

So, you might be all-set for now to watch sports events online for free and with some paid services that enable to watch your favorite event in the comfort of your home.

Most of the paid services are offering live streams for just $9 to $10 per month and that's not a big deal when you don't have to watch ads and have options to pause, download, or see a livestream whenever you wan to.

More Paid Streaming Services:

Here are some more paid streaming services that offer live sports and other content and these are 100% legal and quality services:

  1. fuboTV: Offers a wide variety of sports channels, with some packages requiring a subscription fee.
  2. DAZN: Focuses on combat sports like boxing and MMA.
  3. ESPN+: Provides access to a variety of sports content, including live events, replays, and documentaries.
  4. Hulu + Live TV: Offers live TV channels, including sports networks, along with on-demand content.
  5. YouTube TV: Provides access to live TV channels, including sports networks, along with cloud DVR and other features.

These are the most trusted services and best paid alternatives to streameast. So you should go with them.

Choosing the Right Alternative:

The best Streameast alternative for you depends on your needs and budget and you should consider the following factors:

  • Cost: Are you willing to pay for a subscription?
  • Content: What sports or other content are you interested in?
  • Quality: Do you need high-definition streams?
  • Reliability: How important is it to have consistent, uninterrupted streams?
  • Legality: Is the streaming service legal in your region?

I hope you are good to go now.


As there are many alternatives to Streameast available, both free and paid. By considering your needs and budget and considering your area, you can find the best option for streaming live sports and other content.

But you should always remember:

Using illegal streaming services can be risky, so be sure to choose a legal and reputable option.

Additional Resources:

A Reddit user in reply to a similar question commented:

I tend to start with *bite sites (nflbite, nbabite, etc.) since they are aggregators of streaming links.

This means you can go with these small sites to access sports events on a live stream, but again, these are not legal options, and even if they are allowing you to watch a game for free, you should avoid them.

You should always check these before you use any free streameast alternative:

  • Copyright laws vary by region. Be sure to research the legality of streaming services in your area and always use a 100% legal service.
  • Some free streaming websites may contain malware or viruses. Use caution when visiting these sites and use an adblock extension or a private browser or totally ignore visiting such sites.

I hope this comprehensive guide helps you find the perfect Streameast alternative and make you stay away from any legal troubles!