How to Lock and View your Hidden Photos on iPhone

iPhone is known as the best smartphone to be used to click and capture the best photos and videos. Its use of technology and its feature are always superb. You can also hide your photos to be secured on your iPhone, but sometimes it becomes difficult to secure that hidden photos.

How to Lock and View your Hidden Photos on iPhone

In this article we will discuss about how to lock and view the hidden photos or photo albums on iPhone by following some simple steps and making your photos secured.

How to Lock and View your Hidden Photos on iPhone

If you have hidden any photos on your iPhone, they will be separated in the Hidden album, and if you left your phone unlocked or any one who can unlock your phone can easily access the hidden photos. So, you will have to lock that hidden photos album to make it secured.

For this you should have iOS 16 or later. 

Steps to Lock Hidden Photos on iPhone

Follow the steps given below:

  1. Go to Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Now, go to Photos option.
  3. Turn the toggle On for Use Face ID or Use Touch ID.
  4. And if you want to hide the Hidden photos album, turn the toggle Off for Show Hidden Album.

That's it. Now, open the Photos app and remove this album from there, to make it completely hidden.

Steps to View Locked Hidden Photos on your iPhone

Now, follow the given steps to view locked hidden photos on your iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone, open the Photos app.
  2. Click the Albums option.
  3. Under Utilities option, look for the Lock icon next to the Hidden and Recently Deleted options.
  4. Now, click the Hidden option to view your hidden photos.
  5. Now, click the View Album.
  6. Finally, use your Touch ID or Face ID to unlock the Hidden Photos album.

That's it, you have done it successfully.


Q: How can I lock Hidden Photos album on my iPhone?

Ans: Follow the above guide to lock Hidden Photos album on your iPhone.

Q: Why should I hide photos on my iPhone?

Ans: This can be helpful for you to make your photos to be secured and out of reach for any one whoever can unlock your iPhone.

So, this was a simple and easy guide for you about how to lock and view your Hidden Photos on iPhone with iOS 16 or later.

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