How to Clear Cache from Firefox Browser and Mobile App

To use and access internet technology people use different browsers according to their needs and ease. Firefox is here for you as browser for computer and laptop and works as a mobile app as well. 

How to Clear Cache from Firefox Browser and Mobile App

In this article we will discuss about how to clear cache from Firefox browser and mobile app by following the simple and easy methods to run this browser or app smoothly on your device and work better for your better experience.

How to Clear Cache from Firefox Browser and Mobile App

This guide will share with your instructions to clear the cache in the Firefox browser and mobile app, these instructions will be applicable to the Firefox version 79 or newer for desktop use.

Steps to Clear Cache from Firefox Browser

Follow the given steps to clear the cache from Firefox browser:

  1. Open Firefox on your device.
  2. From  the upper right corner of the program, select the three lined menu.
  3. Then select Settings or Options, according to what appears in your version.
  4. For Mac, open Firefox menu and go to Preferences.
  5. For Windows or Mac computer, in a new tab or window enter "about:preferences".
  6. On the left, select Privacy or Privacy & Security.
  7. Go to the History section, now select the Clear History option.
  8. Now, select Time racnge to clear the drop down arrow. Select Everything from the appeared options. You may select any other option according to your choice.
  9. From the History section, except Cache clear the checkboxes for everything.
  10. Or you may also check other boxes according to how much you want to clear.
  11. Everything you checked, clear it by selecting the OK or Clear Now and it will delete all you have checked.
  12. Wait for a while, and that's it. Now, your Firefox browser is ready to be used more smoothly.

Steps to Clear Cache from Firefox Mobile App

Follow the given instructions to clear cache from Firefox Mobile App:

  1. Open Firefox, tap the hamburger menu from  the lower right corner.
  2. Go to Settings.
  3. On iPhone select Data Management, and on Android select Delete Browsing Data.
  4. Now, select Cahched Images and Files, or Cache, or any other items that you want to clear.
  5. Then finally (according to the options appeared on your device) select Delete Browsing Data, Clear Private Data, or Clear Data.
  6. To confirm tap the OK or DELETE button.


Q: What is meant by Firefox Cache?

Ans: Like other browsers, Firefox cache stores locally saved copies of  your recently visited web pages. This way it loads immediately the saved web pages when you search for them againg in your Firefox browser to work faster for you.

Q: How to clear Firefox cache from iPhone?

Ans: Follow the above guide to learn about how to clear Firefox cache from mobile app, the guide has instruction both for Android and iOS.

So, this was an interesting and easy guide for you to make you know about how to clear cache from Firefox browser and mobile app.

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