How to Record Screen on Android Devices

When it comes to capturing screenshots or working online by posting your videos on social media platforms, many people need to record what they do on their screens or to show how they do it. With Android technology, you can record screen and use those recorded videos for different tasks.

How to Record Screen on Android Devices

In this article, we will discuss how you can record screen using your Android devices, by following the easy and simple methods described here.

How to Record Screen on Android Devices

If you are using an Android phone or tablet running Android 11, then your device will have built-in feature to record screen, but if your device has an older version of Android then you will have to install a third-party app to record screen on it.

Steps to Record Screen on Android

On devices running Android 11 or up, follow the steps given below to record screen:

  1. Access Android Quick Settings by swiping down twice from the top of the screen.
  2. Now, swipe left to see more options.
  3. There you will see a Screen Record tile, tap on it.
  4. If the Screen Record tile is not available on your screen, tap the Pencil icon and it will reveal all the tiles.
  5. Now, tap on Record Audio if you want to record audio too.
  6. Chooes the option as whether you want to record audio from your device or microphone or from both.
  7. Now, click on Start.
  8. You will see a Countdown in the top right corner of your screen, when it will turn to solid red, this would mean that your video is being recorded now.
  9. Now, perform on your device what you want to record, when you have finished, swipe down and make a tap on Stop.
  10. To open your recorded video in Google Photos select Tap to View.
  11. You can also edit your recorded video as you want by tapping the Edit option.
  12. Under Edit, you can crop and adjust your video as you want.
  13. When you have done the editing, tap on Save Copy to save the video.

That's easy.

Plus, you can also install screen recording apps from the Play Store but I can't recommend any trusted app as I haven't tested any and I don't trust a third-party app for screen recording purposes.


Q: How to record screen on Android mobile?

Ans: You can follow the above guide to record screen on all of the Android devices, as phone and tablets.

Q: What to do if my Android device has no Record Screen feature?

Ans: You can download any third party app to record screen on you Android device running older version, less than Android 11, or if it is not showing the Record screen option anyhow.

So, this was a simple and easy guide for you to follow if you want to know about how to record screen on Android and create videos on your tab or phone sitting anywhere.

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