How to Scan for AirTags on Android

You must have been informed before that technology has made it easy to find and locate your lost things with the help of trackers. Using an AirTag is the best way to keep track of your stuff. The Find My app is used on iPhone to use AirTags, but what if you want to use AirTags with Android mobiles.

How to Scan for AirTags on Android

In this article we are going to discuss about how you can use AirTags with Android phones and how to scan for AirTags on Android, by following some simple and easy steps.

How to Scan for AirTags on Android

You have to install a Bluetooth scanner app to scan for AirTags with Android. You can use this Bluetooth Scanner app to search for an unnamed Bluetooth device manufactured by Apple. And to locate that device you can use its signal strength.

Steps to Scan for AirTags on Android

Follow the given steps to scan for AirTags on Android:

  1. To get the last location of your lost AirTags, go to Find My app on your Mac.
  2. Now, go to that location.
  3. On your phone, install a Bluetooth scanner app.
  4. Launch the Bluetooth Scanner app, and check the nearby devices.
  5. Now, search for an unnamed device and check the details of that unnamed device.
  6. Then, check the manufacturer specific data of that unnamed device for entry that says Apple, Inc/ or it displays the logo of Apple.
  7. While observing the signal strength of the device that you think to be an AirTag, move around in the same general vicinity.
  8. When you will get closer to your AirTag the signal strength will grow. 
  9. When you locate your AirTag, to verify that it is the AirTag that you have been searching for, scan it with NFC reader in your mobile phone.

This should work perfectly and if its not working for you, you can follow the 2nd method below:

Scan an AirTag on Android

Follow the steps to scan an AirTag on your Android phone:

  1. To your phone, tap the white side of the AirTag.
  2. Place the AirTag against the NFC reader in your phone. 
  3. In case if you can't find the reader, contact the manufacturer of your phone for more information.
  4. For AirTag mark as lost, you will see the owner's provided phone number, or the message they have entered when they put the AirTag into Lost Mode.

So, this was a simple and easy guide for the ones who have been searching to know about how to scan for AirTags on Android.