How to Use your Apple Watch with your Assistant Siri

How to Use your Apple Watch with your Assistant Siri

Technology is always there to help a person to live life with comfortable. As it has introduced helpers for you to operate your mobile phones and smart watches with your voice commands only, like Google Assistant and iOS' Siri.

In this article we will discuss about how to use your Apple Watch with your iOS' Assistant Siri for different tasks, by following simple and easy steps.

How to Use your Apple Watch with your Assistant Siri

Before using Siri, make sure that you have set up Siri on your Apple Watch, after that its really easy to use Siri on Apple Watch. You just have to:

  1. Press and hold the Digital Crown on the side of your Apple Watch to use Siri.
  2. Or tap your Apple Watch Screen and say "Hey Siri".
  3. Or raise your wrist and say "Hey Siri".

You can ask Siri to perform different tasks for you just on your voice commands, as here we have discussed different Siri commands that you can use.

Making a Phone Call

The most easy and frequent use of Siri is to give command to Siri to make a phone call for you. All you have to do is to start Siri and give your command like "Hey Siri, make a phone call to John" or any of the contact with whom you want to start the call.

This is one of a few amazing features of Siri on Apple Watch to make your friends feel that you have got some margin smartwatch.


  • You can send messages using Siri, activate Siri and give your command like "Hey Siri, send (your contact to whom you want to send the message) a message/text".
  • Siri will let you see the message before sending, if you don't want to send the message you can cancel it by selecting Don't Send". And if the message is according to your answer ask Siri to send it.


  • Siri can also perform to find direction from the maps for you. You just have to launch Siri and ask "Hey Siri, get directions to (location)" and Siri will show the directions on your Apple Watch and on your iPhone.
  • And so on like this, you can ask Siri to set alarms for you, give you reminders, turn on Airplane mode for you, get answers and search for images. There is much more you can do with the help of Siri.


Q: Can Siri search for photos?

Ans: You can ask Siri to search for photos, launch Siri and give your command as "Hey Siri, open my birthday photos album" and Siri will open the album for you.

Q: Does Siri take too much time to respond?

Ans: No, Siri take just a few moments and works up on your command as you ask.

So, this was an easy and simple guide to help you know about how to use your Apple Watch with your iOS Assistant Siri.

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