Top 5 Android Apps For Bloggers

Nowadays blogging is become best online business and fun, all peoples in whole world can create blogs free on various blogging platforms.

You Can Too!

Top 5 Android Apps For Bloggers
But blogging is not a game of one article or 3/4 pages website, if you want to make real money from blogging then you have to update your blog freely with some articles posting on a daily basis.

Sometimes you are on the go for a picnic or other festivals and you need an app for blog posts but you don't know who's best for your blog?

Then take a deep breath here I will give you top 5 android apps for bloggers so you are surely satisfied from below list :) Read below for more information.

Why Use Blogging Apps?

  • Blogging is easy with android blogging apps because you can create awesome articles for your blog with easy to use handy apps,
  • Using blogging apps on Android devices may put your mind into a professional blogger,
  • Sometimes you're bored with your desktop or laptop then you want to have fun with mobile/android devices so create a fun base blog and blog about fun with stunning android blogging apps.
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Top 5 Android Apps For Bloggers

Here's the list of top 5 Android apps for bloggers to make their blogging world easier and generate more revenue on their smartphones.

1. WordPress

As you all know WordPress is a best free and premium blogging platform 52% out of 100% bloggers using it for there blogs, you can also use WP for free and premium blogging, Here I want to tell you about WordPress android blogging app for your android device you can use it with easy steps :) Download Free WordPress Blogging App From Google Play Click Here

2. Blogger

Blogging with is fun after WP blogging is very easy with you can use it with your Google account, you can create up to 100 free blogs with .blogspot subdomain and also with nice storage limits, Download Free Blogging App from Google play store Click Here

3. Tumblr

Tumblr is also a good platform for microblogging you can also signup on Tumblr with your Email address, you can make your blog more SE Optimized with Tumblr, users of Tumblr increasing day by day, if you already using Tumblr then use its official Android app for easy blogging Click Here

4. Weebly

Weebly another stunning platform for blogging you can make a good looking blog with Weebly, Weebly also give free hands to its users, users can share posts on all major social networks, you can add awesome plugins on your Weebly powered blog like slide show, videos and images gallery, Download Weebly Free Blogging Android App from Google Play Click Here

5. Xanga

Xanga is another fast-growing blogging platform for free, you can make a free blog on Xanga and also you can post articles on your blog with lots of features including themes, photos and blog entries, If you want to use Xanga on your android device then download Xanga Free Blogging App For Android from Google Play Click Here.

Final Words

So friends if you like this article then share it with your friends, This list of  Top 5 Android Apps For Bloggers is only for bloggers so keep using all the above apps and stay connected.

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