Top 5 Questions about the Internet in 2014 - #Infographic

2014 is going and 2015 is coming. You know who is the father of the internet? unfortunately NO! But I know and will give you the details in this blog post. Internet is a key to the future and we all love it because we can do many things alone in a room only with the internet.

I just went to Google trends for getting some spicy and hot topics for creating some blog posts. Unexpectedly I saw a chart with the title "Top questions about the Internet in 2014" and after that, I do a search on Google and discovered the answers to these questions (five questions). After that, I decide to make an Infographic on this topic and publish it for you all.
Top 5 Questions about the Internet in 2014 - #Infographic

Top 5 Questions about the Internet in 2014 - Infographic

There are millions of searches Google received in year 2014. As now 2015 is coming and people whiling to know that what are the top searches and their answers. Below is a infographic on "Top 5 Questions about the Internet in 2014 and the answers". I spend my 3 hours on creating this Infographic and I hope you will like it.
Top 5 Questions about the Internet in 2014 - #Infographic

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As I say we can do many things only with internet in our rooms and also alone. No need to have much knowledge for surfing the internet. As blogging is a best business for making money through internet. And we are available to help you in blogging.