Should Bloggers Use Landing Pages?

Hey! Bloggers. Now I want to talk about landing pages on blogs. Probably you know about landing pages use. If not than read this blog post.

I have searched a lot and got good points for using them on blogs. You can see many websites and products are generating money using a customized, awesome and beautiful first look page (landing page).
Should Bloggers Use Landing Pages?

Some ask you for taking an action, some ask you to subscribe to their newsletters and some ask you to fill a form and they reward you with an e-book or any other product. 75% do that jobs and download what they want. Then! Why we bloggers don't use them?

Should Bloggers Use Landing Pages?

Most of the savvy bloggers are using them for generating leads and making call-to-action moments. You can use a customized homepage as landing page of your blog or you can setup an rare page for this and redirect it to the main area. First read about why we have to use landing pages?
  • Easy call to action area:
We are using it in our blogs on daily basis. As a related posts widget. But in landing pages you have to use high commands and good illustrations. So! People will read your blog as a book. You can give them a reason on "why to read your next blog posts".
  • Direct product selling area:
You can make a selling page. This will lead you the best sells and most of your loyal readers will buy your refereed products. As problogger you can add a social media traffic landing page and one can sell his social media tips e-book for $$$.
  • On holidays ?
If you are on holidays than you can set a landing page saying "Author/Admin is on holidays" and add related posts in that page like amazing destinations or your hot blog posts. Tell users not to leave your blog, you will be back in some days. This will maintain your blog's traffic.

Benefits of Using Landing-pages in Blogs

  1. You can ask visitors any question:

    Yes! You can ask them to leave their feedback on your products. You can ask them any question about your blog such as You love our blog ?, You like our services ? or What about our new design. Also you can ask your blog readers for sending their suggestions on improving your blog.
  2. Boost your email members list:

    Hmm! That's great. You can easily generate a perfect and huge mailing list. This is 10 minute setup. Just buy a commercial use having product and give it to your blog readers for free. Ask them to subscribe to your mailing list for downloading/getting that product you can offer.

  3. Give them an option for navigating your blog:

    It may called content guide landing page. If you think that your readers can't navigate your blog easily. Than it is perfect time to add a content guide landing page for them. So! They can easily explore your blog and will read more blog posts than before. You can take an example of Google help pages.
  4. Thank-you and Un-subscriptions:

    You can see on many WordPress powered blogs. After submitting a comment a page appears saying "Thanks for commenting here". And also on many blogs if you unsubscibe to that blog's mailing list a page appears saying "We love you and wish you will come back". Believe me that pages works great.
  5. Starting point page:

    You can call it "Start here landing page". This is what we all bloggers can easily create. We just have to add links to our newbie guides and step by step guides on a method or tutorial. So! People can easily find your guides. For example: If your are blogging about doll styles then you can add a start here landing page including links to your step by step guides on styling a doll.

Hope you love my effort :)

I think you will try landing pages for your blogs. This is a best practice to do for taking your blog to the next level.

There are many services and WP plugins are available for doing this job. You can ask blog designers or make your own using WP plugins like Landing Page Boss. Happy Blogging!