10 Content Writing Mistakes Every Blogger Should Avoid

Content writer? or a freelance writer? maybe a blogger who have to write frequently on a daily basis at his blog?

Even you are a student or blogger, you have to write many copies for getting good marks or good traffic from search engines and reputation for your personality in readers mind.

If you are hustling, struggling and doing hard-work for creating out-standing content for your blog and publish articles after a lot of work - what happens? no-one read that?


It happens to many pro and newbie bloggers (many times to me) and I decided to not to give-up and got success.
Yeah! I got the way how we can write awesome blog posts in no time and how we can get our article get-noticed by readers, without struggling and working hard but smart.

Wait, wait!!

I know you are willing to know about real mistakes of writing content for your next blog post, as you avoid that mistakes you'll be a professional writer.

10 Writing mistakes in a nutshell:

  1. You think that you have to write daily
  2. You choose to write on a topic without researching
  3. You believe that only lengthy posts works
  4. You starts thinking that your idea for your next article sucks
  5. You write out-standing titles not out-standing content
  6. You started thinking that you're the only master at your blog
  7. You think that you can inspire readers by your jokes
  8. You have many excuses on not to write
  9. You started to believe that you are only a writer at your blog
  10. You forget to write final words in the end of articles
I know very well,

Its not enough, let's be with me and scroll down to read all above headings in details to know how you can avoid performing these mistakes.

As no-one can stop his mistakes while writing quickly.

Therefore I am here to tell you the truth behind success of other pro bloggers you may know doing very well in blogging industry.

Let's read more details and guidance by scrolling below.

1. You think that you have to write daily


Can you write on a daily basis?

If yes then its great, but not all the bloggers can write for their blogs on daily basis. As many bloggers have many blogs and they have to write for all their blogs.

In a case-study I got to know that how long your blog post stays at your blog's homepage you get more exposure and social proof with higher search results.
  • It doesn't mean that now you are free write a post and forget to update it for a whole month. Please do update your old blog posts and write at-least 3 posts a week.
Also, it depends on your niche.

If you are a news-blogger then you should update your blog on hourly basis, if you are a SEO blogger or online marketer then you can update your blog some times in a week.

Or if you have a micro-niche blog then you can update its content twice a month. For example: If you are working on "breast cancer" niche blog then you can write 20/30 posts in first month of that blog and after that update it twice a month.

Its up to you,

If you think you are getting more money and ROI by updating your blog frequently, then you should keep updating your blog.

2. You choose to write on a topic without researching

Want comments, social shares and engagement on your blog posts?

Working hard to write content you think that your readers will love to read and publish unresearched articles?

Or are you working day and night for a single post and publish articles after working for almost a week on a single topic to bring complete guide for X way or method.

And what come out?

Nothing? no shares on social medias and no comments even no engagement, sad but its a true feeling when you publish totally irrelevant article on your blog.

Its normal, many bloggers suffer from this stage of ignorance of readers and nothing come out from their hard work.

Here I have a simple formula:
Just discover what your readers wants you to write about
To discover topics for writing your next blog post, you should ask your readers by updating a status or tweeting a tweet on social media profiles of your blog or your official ones.

You can also create a page for getting suggestion of audience on upcoming articles.

Without this, you can try reading previous comments by your precious readers. If you found any question there you can try to answer in a brand new blog post with in-depth information and research data.

3. You believe that only lengthy posts works

This is a myth and many pro bloggers suggest us to write more lengthy as much as we can to rank our blog posts higher in search engine result pages.

But, what I recommend to is totally a different one.

I recommend to you:
Write to the point and add information in your articles, the length can't decide position for your article

It is true, the average ranked content on Google is lengthy (having 1500 to 2500 words) but you can see there are many other articles ranking on first page only with 300 words.

Take an example from Mashable.com

Just open the Mashable blog and navigate to its tech category, now open the first post (new published not updated) and you will see that post will have only 300 or 400 words in it.

It maybe vary on topic.

I mean: If you can explain something in 400 words then do explain it. If you can't and have to write more then write till than you think its enough for now.
I have personally study this myth and got to know that "content is king not the length" I have experience and I can say this :)

4. You starts thinking that your idea for your next article sucks

You got ideas and create drafts quickly, after that you forget them and go to search for another great idea to write on.


Everyone has his own thinking style, some realize them to create next viral content while others just blow their mind and create some drafts instead of publish the articles.

No, making draft posts is not bullshit. I think you should have 6/7 drafts as fast article construction for events, so you have to write less and work more on sharing later.

What I have to talk about?
Dear you got an Idea? So why you don't create a blog post and publish?
If you can think then you can write and publish the article without thinking about your reputation or authority.

In blogging you have to create authority not to gain.

5. You write out-standing titles not out-standing content

Likely the reader or any web-researcher come to your blog post for a reason.

Whether he/she want information about something or any promotional offer (if you have one)

For and example:

If someone is searching for "best foods in USA" then the searcher might Google it like this "best foods available in USA street XX" and here's the Google's local search comes in game.

The searcher of FOODS will get information of some food-stores near his house or office.


What if a Googler comes to your blog/site after searching for FOODS in Google search and you have the post titled as "best food shops in USA" and you have nothing like shop location and phone numbers?

The searcher will take your site as a spam one and he will ignore your site in any other search he made through any search engine.

That's what I want to tell you,

Make sure that what you are typing for title of blog post must be related to your article's body content and describe the information you can give to the reader.

Don't make wrong promises to readers, as they may heart them.

6. You started thinking that you're the only master at your blog


You think that you are the master and what you write your readers will read and love?

NO!! They don't love all the content you create for your blog, they want their answers as they ask on social medias and Qoura.com

Yeah! Its free to join the Qoura a monster network for public to ask questions and get answers from other like minded people. You can too join there and start asking/answering.

First of all, think about your blog's niche and do audit that what people tend to read more on your blog, properly read the recent comments and do a read the analytics data of your blog.

After knowing about what your readers love to write about you can then imagine new keywords for your next blog post.

Now go to Google and write your keywords or go to SpyFU.com and do a 5 minute research for your keywords to get new content ideas.

As you have keywords from your readers and ideas from online website and keyword research tools, you can create next viral content for your blog.

7. You think that you can inspire readers by your jokes

You want to change reader's mood?

Well, It's not that easy you think.

There are many bloggers out there who make jokes for something and their readers love their jokes, but not all of them got conversation rate in good manners without the leads too.

It means you can't be a funny guy, you have your own nature.
If your offline friends laugh on your little jokes, then please don't think that your blog readers will do the same.
They are different,

You could try it but not rely on this trick, because people want to read something informative not funny.

If you love to write funnily, then go ahead and create a fun-niche blog with jokes and other type of funny content.

Don't bother your loyal readers with crappy lines.

8. You have many excuses on not to write

Are you thinking to write on a topic and got a compelling content idea?

But you (think) you can't write?

Are you sick or got headache? maybe your offline job is tough and you are ill with it. Then what? you stop writing for your blog?

Probably you don't have to stop writing, instead I recommend you to write more and more.

Keep that writings in draft and whenever you got time and you are fresh, open that drafts and lean the ideas.

Edit them and create some out-standing articles.

Believe me! Your readers will love your writings in a bad mood or illness time. As that time you type the words from the core of you heart.

9. You started to believe that you are only a writer at your blog

No, it's not true!!

You have audience, their comments and suggestions too.

You can spy on your own blog to get more out of it. You can be an expert in your niche by providing your personal tools you use for your blogging success.

You can be a eBook writer, who writes about his practices and achievements with guidance for others.

Above all of that,
You are a ENTREPRENEUR online and you can do what please you.
You are not only a writer at your blog, you are the boss and the leader at your blog who can make decisions and do wonders.

You are not alone you have readers and other fellow bloggers with you to support your successful life.

10. You forget to write final words in the end of articles

Don't forget it.

Just don't forget to write a "final sayings" line for every blog post you have to publish on any kind of blog.

It makes it informative and makes sense in your article's ending style and also do help in search engine optimization (adding keywords in the end).
  • As people love to read about conclusions and final words.
For an example you can read my final words heading right below this line.

Final words:

So! That was the 10 mistakes list for you to avoid in blogging, to get success in no time.

I am damn sure, that no one can write a 100% accurate article or guide on something we can imagine.

Only we can say our words and if we got good and perfect information, we got success and reputation.

Now its up to you, share this article with your fellow bloggers and do add your tips or questions in comments form below :)