5 Hosting Sites That Offer Audio/Video Streaming Features

5 Hosting Sites That Offer Audio/Video Streaming Features img via - vocove.com
Are you a video-site developer? Ready to create next YouTube/Daily-motion?

Want to stream on-demand videos live? If yes then you have to read this article. On video websites, it becomes a needy step for web-developers. Any video website (even audio website) for now have to stream media online. People don't like downloading.

They more like to stream it online. Therefore YouTube is the #1 choice for users.

Now you can create any website in minutes with freely available scripts and themes. There are many open-source programs for you to make next Spotify or Pandora.

But! The question is "Which Hosting Provider is Best for Video/Audio Streaming?". And I have an answer for you. Read it below.

#1 InMotion Hosting

With a service agreement, you can stream any media (audio/video) using this awesome host. With low rates, you can get shared business hosting.
inmotion hosting logo
Uptime and other factors of hosts are awesomely gathered in this hosting provider. They are specialized in hosting media with the ability to stream it on user's devices.

#2 Host Monster

It is best for those wants to embed media from other established video sharing websites. One can upload media (audio/video) on host monster servers.
host monster logo
The good thing about Host-monster is they claim to offer unlimited bandwidth. They are not good if we talk about up-time.

3# Host Gator

Hostgator is a great host for many web-developers. You can also embed any media from any websites to your website/blog. On a shared hosting account, you can stream media by embedding it from other sites.
hostgator logo
If you want to take all the credits and like to stream media directly from your website. It may cost you an expensive VPS.

4# Host Nine - H9

This is a hosting company who claim to host your video website and stable it like YouTube.
Host nine logo
The good thing is you can really make a video streaming website on this host. But! If you want to use unlimited bandwidth then you have to think again.

5# Go Daddy

This hosting provider is best for low cost hosting searchers. You can buy low-cost hosting from go daddy.
go daddy logo
But! You have to embed any type of media from another site. You can't stream it directly from your site. Also! You are limited for bandwidth and RAM.


Before buying any hosting plan, try to read out some reviews on that hosting provider.

Find what hosting plan and hosting company is best for your work. Happy web-making!