Blast Your Way To The Top With These Free SEO Tools

Blast Your Way To The Top With These Free SEO Tools
Trying to keep up with SEO trends can be time-consuming; however, it doesn’t necessarily have to be wallet-draining.

Fortunately, a good number of free cloud-based SEO tools and applications have surfaced on the web, making various jobs for SEO operations much obtainable, easier and for free.

Finding efficient ways to lessen cost without needing to sacrifice the effectiveness of your campaign can be challenging, however, some best enterprise SEO services can do it for you or you have to do it yourself.

With a restricted marketing budget, you’ll have to find some great tools that will let you cut down costs over software purchase and human labor; without compromising the quality of your work.

Fortunately, various companies come out with helpful software in boosting SEO efforts, at definitely no initial cost. You may utilize these tools in enhancing your campaign until you are able to gather enough revenue to resort to better and bigger ones. Below is a list of some of these tools.

Google Analytics

Google analytics homepage
Let’s say you already have your own website. The first thing that you should do is to analyze the competency of your strategies. This will enable you to fix the areas that detract the campaign’s success.

Google Analytics provides the most comprehensive SEO data of your digital marketing performance. And yes, that’s for free.
How google analytics works
This intelligent tool enhances your business decisions, improving your company brand’s relationship with your customers. It analyzes the consumer insights, handing over an idea of how effective your marketing channels are.

This will expand your options on matching the right message to the right people.

You can sign up by clicking this link:

Google Ads Keyword Planner

Google has been extremely helpful when it comes to search engine optimization. They have an arsenal of tools available that you could utilize in your various SEO operations.

These can be used in testing the success of the entire SEO-related strategies. The finest part is that these tools can be used entirely free for with their basic version.
Google adwords homepage
Google Adwords Keyword Planner

One good example is the Google Adwords Keyword Planner, the best friend of thrifty, smart keyword researchers. It helps you look for good keywords for your search engine optimization campaign.

All you have to do is to sign in to and you will be directed to the Tools page.
Google keyword planner
With super easy-to-understand guides, you will surely get the hang of it!


MOZ homepage
Moz has a set of SEO tools that you can try and use for free. The moment your free trial ends, you may need to pay to have some extra features kept, but others will still work at certainly no cost.

These tools may include keyword tracking, on-page optimizations, ranking monitoring, link tracking and so on.
MOZ open site explorer
Nonetheless, you can take advantage of the Open Site Explorer section of Moz for checking link quality of your website prospects for your guest blog outreach campaign. All you need to do is to sign up and you are ready to go.

Rocket Ranking

rocket ranking homepage
For an inclusive SEO solution, try using Rocket Ranking.

This tool helps budding entrepreneurs increase their daily website traffic. Small businesses were able to obtain tactical advantage for ranking with their on-page optimizer, SEO backlink builder, SEO backlink counter, social media likes and follow tool.

You may use it initially for free within 30 days, and have it upgraded quarterly for a very minimal fee.


mergewords homepage
Using MergeWords in researching keywords for the benefit of SEO ranking and some queries for link building is of great help. It’s a great tool for organizing search information into data that you can utilize in planning your entire SEO campaign strategies.


Buffer homepage
By using Buffer, scheduling your entire social media content interaction will get easier and more effective.

Technically, it has its own comprehensive content builder that allows filling in optimized content and setting up a time schedule for publishing to keep your campaign on track. It’s certainly the most efficient tool you can use in staying ahead of today’s social game.
create your own content
Image Source:

Further, you can also create texts within images using their very own Pablo. This editor-on-the-go is perfect for social media marketing, boosting your online engagement.
Pablo - editor-on-the-go is perfect for social media marketing
You don’t need to create an account. You can either upload your own image or find a niche-related image from the , a decent font style and captivating content. Under the Share & Download button, you can either download the image or share it to any of your social media profile.
Download from Pablo
What makes it more fun is that it’s also for free!

Screaming Frog

Screamingfrog homepage
This amazing tool has its legendary ability to do spider crawl throughout a website’s links, images, codes, and apps to allow you to collect helpful data in maintaining your website.

It will fix a number of errors that may otherwise hurt your rankings, like image errors, incomplete meta tags, or duplicate contents.

Plagiarism Checker

Plagiarsim checker homepage
Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools is a good website for checking your articles before publishing it on the web. This will prevent duplicate content leading to a penalty from Google.

Here’s the link to the tool:

There is no need for you to sign up. All you have to do is to paste your text into the box and enter the security code. You can also upload the file with a 1000 maximum word count. 

The tool will then identify the content is either original or not. Plagiarized portions ( shown as phrases) will be highlighted red. Phrases that are highlighted green are good to go.


Grammarly homepage
Grammarly has features which allow you to see and rectify grammatical errors instantly.

This is the plagiarism tool’s perfect match. It also provides explanations and quick tips on how to improve your writing.

It enhances your vocabulary by giving you various options of well-optimized synonyms.
Grammarly signup form
You just need to sign to use the tool automatically for free.

You can get its extension on Chrome for other purposes such as sending emails to your blog partners. Further, there’s a premium, paid version which corrects advanced critical issues in your article.


When it comes to starting an SEO campaign, startups are offered with an armory of resources at their disposal.

Sure, with the aid of these free tools, staying ahead of the competitions and having your rankings improve over time is made completely easier and cost-efficient.

There are also many link building tools and software to choose from but above are some of the most trusted and aged so you can get the best ROI.

The drawback of only settling with free tools, however, is a longer duration and wider time-frame required for your search engine optimization campaign.

It’s up to you to decide.

This article is a guest contribution by Robert D-Vera:
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