Abortion Quotes Images and Sayings for Change in Life

 Abortion Quotes Images and Sayings for Change in Life
I know that you were in search of abortion quotes images and abortion sayings to change something not good in your life to make it good and effective in your life time. However some also read sad abortion quotes just to make them know how much the abortion hurts -  also with some pro abortion quotes and abortion quotes for tattoos there are some people who take it in another way and also some creepy ones search for funny abortion quotes as they are not sure what they are laughing at. In Bible we can also read some of them and there are some neutral abortion quotes in this list of top and meaningful abortion quotes which you can read right below:
Abortion Quotes Images and Sayings for Change in Life
  1. Abortion isn't a lesser evil, it's a crime. Taking one life to save another, that's what the Mafia does. It's a crime. It's an absolute evil. Pope Francis
  2. Abortion is part of being a mother and of caring for children, because part of caring for children is knowing when it's not a good idea to bring them into the world. Katha Pollitt
  3. Abortion is not health care. A woman has a right to her body, but that is not her body. What about the baby? Alveda King
  4. I'm against abortion. On the other hand, I believe in a woman's choice. Nancy Reagan
  5. If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament. Florynce Kennedy
  6. You can't reconcile being pro-life on abortion and pro-death on the death penalty. N. T. Wright
  7. Abortion is an attack on the family and the humanity that unites us all. Alveda King
  8. If Planned Parenthood wants to be involved in providing counseling services and HIV testing, they ought not be in the business of providing abortions. Mike Pence
  9. After 'Roe v. Wade' - when the U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortion in 1973 - I thought the national conversation about abortion and birth control would be over. It was not. Karen DeCrow
  10. Pro-lifers believe there are two victims in an abortion: the unborn child and the woman who felt that that was her best option. Kellyanne Conway
  11. If they are opposed to abortion, they should be for preventing unintended pregnancies. Louise Slaughter
  12. Abortion is the ultimate violence. Robert Casey
  13. I hate abortions, but just could not make that choice for someone else. Barbara Bush
  14. Abortion's a private decision. But I just think it shouldn't be federalized. Pat Robertson
  15. Curses on the law! Most of my fellow citizens are the sorry consequences of uncommitted abortions. Karl Kraus
  16. I do not understand how you can associate abortion with an idea of hedonism or the good life. Italo Calvino
  17. In abortion, the person who is massacred, physically and morally, is the woman. Italo Calvino
  18. Sex education classes are like in-home sales parties for abortions. Phyllis Schlafly
  19. Let's not pretend that abortion isn't about the mass slaughter of innocents. Michael Aston
  20. We will never see a day when women of means are not able to get a safe abortion in this country. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  21. The emphasis must be not on the right to abortion but on the right to privacy and reproductive control. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  22. They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion. Ginger Baker
  23. The biggest obstacle was mixing abortion with overpopulation. These are two things that have nothing to do with each other. Jacques Yves Cousteau
  24. Abortion is a question of choice. Robert Casey
  25. Global warming is a political issue. It is as much a political issue to the left as abortion is. It's as big a political issue as health care is. Rush Limbaugh
  26. A lot of attention has been going to social values - abortion, gay rights, other divisive issues - but economic values are equally important. Robert Reich
  27. I could never, ever have an abortion. Brooke Shields
  28. I think everyone's against abortion. Rupert Murdoch
  29. I think abortion is a settled issue in New York. Chris Gibson
  30. I certainly don't think that taxpayers should subsidize abortions. John Fleming
  31. There was a time that I questioned the government's role in abortion. Ken Cuccinelli
  32. In the case of abortion, one pits the life of the fetus against the interests of the pregnant woman. Leon Kass
  33. I do not believe abortion should be legal. Herman Cain
  34. When the Left doesn't want to make abortion the issue, they say you're being against minorities. Trent Franks
  35. I had three abortions because I was certain that it would be a disaster for my work. Marina Abromovic
  36. I am 100 percent pro-life and have been my whole life. That means I am opposed to abortion at any stage of pregnancy, and I am opposed to embryonic stem-cell research. Josh Hawley
  37. I really didn't know there was two sides to the abortion issue. Norma McCorvey
  38. On the issue of abortion, I'm ever on the fence, or, at most, an inch or two to either side. Victoria Moran
  39. Late-term abortions are unconscionable. Stephen Fincher
  40. Abortion on demand has, in my judgment, contributed significantly to an environment in our country in which life has become very cheap. Robert Casey
  41. In this generation, the issue pressing that question on our consciences is the issue of abortion. Robert Casey
  42. For almost twenty years, abortion policy in America has been controlled by the courts. Robert Casey
  43. The abortion issue has intersected with my public life from the very beginning. Robert Casey
  44. Legal abortion will never rest easy on this nation's conscience. Robert Casey
  45. I'm against abortion. Charles Evers
  46. Informed consent is required for every invasive medical procedure, from getting your ears pierced to having an abortion. Bob McDonnell
  47. Abortion is an issue of conscience for the Labour party. Diane Abbott
  48. I believe every abortion is a tragedy. Diane Abbott
  49. I think abortion is murder. Victoria Jackson
  50. Abortion is either OK or it's not. Peggy Noonan
  51. I've had a baby. I've had an abortion. Jemima Kirke
  52. Abortion is child mortality. Chris Smith
  53. We are not voting for health care if we do not resolve this language on public funding for abortion - no public funding for abortion. Bart Stupak
  54. Barack Obama and I have an honest disagreement on the issue of abortion. Bob Casey, Jr.
  55. I believe that abortion is morally wrong. William H. Pryor
  56. I do not support abortion rights. Although what I would support in this vexed area is not clear to me. Stanley Fish
Abortion Quotes Images and Sayings for Change in Life
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