7 Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay Cash and Gift Cards

There is much said already on paid survey sites and people are known to them as they are fake. But the logic is many survey websites are fake and or have no reviews about what they do and how they get surveys for users. While some of them are legit and they really pay to their users. By digging deep in the sea of online earning methods I have found these 7 paid to survey sites that really pay cash to you for every task you complete. However even these websites and platforms will not make you rich, they can pay you to pay your bills and enjoy more picnic or have some extra income stream. The other thing is how or why they offer paid surveys? what are the benefits they are getting so they are able to pay us? Well, as I am here to answer you about all of these questions the only thing I can say is imagine you are a product owner or a startup company about something and want to launch a new product. What type of product will get more clients and beat your competitors? Can you imagine that product? Probably you can't and here comes the surveys.
7 Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay Cash and Gift Cards

You have to take some surveys from different people in your industry and know what they want than you can solve a problem by creating a product on the same problem. This is when you have to contact a survey company who can assist you with thousands of real people to complete your survey and give you the exact information you are in need of. So that when you pay to that company they have to pay to their users. When they pay to their users everybody who is taking surveys and working from home can get some bucks and that's how we can earn money taking surveys online. So read on this list of top 7 paid survey websites that pay you real dollars:

1. Survey Club

Pointing you to this paid survey website because it is a club focused website where you are a club member and you will be able to earn real dollars per survey. If you are looking to actually make money online taking surveys than SurveyClub is for you.

They help organizations to find specific focus groups for different areas of the world and if you are in the demographic where they have a survey awaiting you than you will be able to earn a minimum amount of $50 per paid survey. Its cool? yeah it is you can easily make $50 taking just one survey so if in one whole month you got to complete 6 surveys you will have $300 in your pocket.

Website: https://www.surveyclub.com/

2. American Consumer Opinion

If you are in America and love to earn extra money everyday and work online when you are going to sleep, it makes sense when you don't chat and take a paid survey of 15 minutes which can earn you some dollars. American Consumer Opinion is one of the best paid survey websites to make money online and you can easily take their surveys.

Its a legit and trustworthy website for paid surveys. You can get paid in cash or you can also get paid with points, gifts and they also send you free products which you have to test and tell them about the product. Its like you can get surprises and also the money with free new products and all you have to do is give your opinion.

Website: http://www.acop.com/

3. Earning Station

This website is not just giving you paid surveys to make your earn money online in your spare time but also giving you the option to just watch videos (advertising) and make money. There are also other options like shopping online and using coupons for different buying you do on regular basis and also taking surveys will lead you to generate extra income. With a great feature you will receive paid survey completion tasks when you are complying to particular survey in every manner. That is why you don't have to fill extra details and just give type or click about your thoughts in a survey and get paid for it.

The bad and good thing is you will get StationDollars which are only be redeemed with gift cards so you can buy different things with that gift card of StationDollars. But there is no cash deposits so that its bad and good that you can buy things with gift cards. In my recommendation you can make money with that gift cards by reselling them to your friends when they are in need of buying something so that you can buy for them and ask them to pay you cash.

Website: https://www.earningstation.com/

4. Opinion Outpost

As of other good paid survey sites Opinion Outpost is paying you some points for each task you complete as a paid survey. After they credit points to your account for paid surveys you can than redeem that points to get cash payments via PayPal or buy things with that points by redeeming them to Amazon gift card.

Don't worry if you are receiving little points per paid survey as they are flexible with survey points and if you are taking surveys above 10 minutes that means you will earn good points and if you are receiving surveys which are not taking even 10 minutes to complete than you will receive low points. So the more time you spend taking surveys on this platform you will be able to make more money online.

Website: https://www.opinionoutpost.com/

5. Pinecone Research

A job when you can be on your bed and work from home which is paying you $12 per hour is good and Pinecone Research is what you have to join for taking paid surveys and make $3 per 15 minutes of survey completion. It makes sense when you are spending just 15 minutes and earning $3 so that you can spend one hour and make $12 without going out of your comfort zone.

They also reward you and send free products for you to test them out and give your opinions. All the rewards can be redeemed to have cash in your pocket via PayPal and also you can receive gift cars, prepaid cards and also retail e-vouchers and not just this, you can get more options to redeem your dollars.

Website: https://www.pineconeresearch.com/

6. ProOpinion

With ProOpinion you have to signup and submit your basic information like gender and income and than they will send you paid survey emails or you can simply login to your account whenever you have time and complete a survey. This website can't make you rich but it can help you with earning money online paying nothing.

For every completed survey you will receive points and than you can redeem that points to get cash in your PayPal account or convert them into Amazon Gift Cars, iTunes gift card or even you can donate that points to American Red Cross and have peace of mind.

Website: https://www.proopinion.com/

7. Vindale Research

If you are in hope and want to get paid for each survey by big dollars than Vindale is here as they are paying you $15 per survey and they are paying flexible dollars for every survey so that you may find a survey paying you $100 too. They claim that they have some surveys which pays $100 and that's how we can hit $1000 per month taking paid surveys online.

Website: https://www.vindale.com/

However, these are the paid surveys sites I have found legit and giving their users real money with rewards and gift cards for free. If you are yet to earn money online and right now thinking about what website is good for you than go ahead and signup for any of these listed websites and start taking easy surveys to get paid for. For more you can comment below.



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7 Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay Cash and Gift Cards
Really wants to Make Money Online? Than read this List of 7 Best Paid Survey Sites That Pay Cash and Gift Cards to you. So that you can earn money online by taking paid surveys and without spending a penny ...
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