8 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Business Should Have A Blog

It might come as an amazement to you that the greater part of online business sites doesn't have a business blog. While there are a number of sources that address why general organizations ought to have a blog, only a few have laid emphasis on eCommerce sites. What is the purpose of having a blog or creating a new blog when your essential goal is to make sales online?

It is a well-known fact that with the help of business blogs, the website traffic is expanded to a great extent. However, there are other benefits too that specifically are boon to eCommerce websites. Many of the eCommerce business owners are not benefiting themselves with the business blogs; this can be the one perspective that sets your website far from the rest.
8 Reasons Why Every eCommerce Business Should Have A Blog

In the event that you maintain an online-just business or have a physical business with a business site, you might be confused whether to have a business blog or not. Despite the fact that the essential objective of your site is to direct people to your products, there are a large number of reasons why adding a blog to your internet business webpage is advantageous.

In case you're not persuaded and don't know whether the work is justified, despite all the trouble, consider a portion of the accompanying reasons that a blog would be useful for your eCommerce business.

1. For Search Engine Optimization

Blogging is magnificent for Search Engine Optimization. By giving valuable information significant to prevalent catchphrases or regular inquiries, you're putting yourself on the front. Frequently updating and uploading guest can enable you to enhance your positions inside Google's indexes and help you excel over your competitors.

It will likewise position you as the master in your field. In the event that somebody looks for the item that you're offering and your blog comes up, it will demonstrate that you have what they are looking for.

2. To Turn Visitors Into Customers

By consolidating your items or administrations into your blog, especially with pictures and videos, you're making your contributions somewhat more tempting. This can transform adherents into purchasers. They'll build up a more noteworthy comprehension of what you do and the esteem you give will move toward becoming clearer.

Photographs and videos might be the nearest thing to an in-person exhibition for your customers if you run an eCommerce website.

3. To Establish Yourself As An Authority

In the event when you make a considerable measure of informative blog posts, individuals will understand that they can come to you for the majority of their needs in your specialty. At whatever point they have an inquiry or they need to comprehend what developments and innovations are going to take place in your industry, will undoubtedly swing them to you first.

Your clients will see you as shrewd, and individuals are probably going to share your blogs with other people who have similar interests.

4. To Provide Useful Information to Your Customers

Individuals adore lessons and tutorials. If your blogs enable your clients to capitalize on your products and services, your blog entries can help you increase your sales to a great level.

These blog posts can answer those questions about your products or services which your customers or potential customers didn't even realize they had. They can also bring you certain up-selling opportunities in case you have supplementary products or services offered to the customers.

5. To Create you a Brand name

Your blog posts will create a brand name for your products and services. The dialect you utilize and the things you expound on will exemplify you. Your visitors will get a feeling that they know your business very well and will gain a trust in you.

You'll be a companion with your own particular vitality and presence. Your customers and your potential customers will remember you when they think of buying a product or service that you have been offering through your website.

6. To Strengthen Your Social Media Strategy

Working up a hearty blog will enable you to fill holes in your social networks. In the event of sharing an old post again, if that particular is still in trend, one can use hashtags(#) quoting it as a throwback which is highly appreciated in today's modern world, especially by youngsters. In this way, you can keep your small business on the top of your followers in social media feeds.

Quality of blog should always be given priority over the number of blogs you put on.

Remember that quality matters more than the amount of your blog. What you offer should be valuable and sufficiently important for individuals to appreciate that content. In the event that you begin a jumbled blog that doesn't give a handy data, individuals wouldn't have any desire to return.

7. Expand Your Audience

A blog can expand an existing business. It will not only make it easier for your potential customers to discover you but will also position you as an industry expert in their eyes.

No matter which industry you are dealing with, I would strongly recommend you to start a blog right away with high-quality content. You may also consider hiring a web design agency who could accomplish the goals on your behalf.

8. Connect With Influencers

A blog is an effective stage for drawing in with significant online influencers to broaden the range of your brand and additionally fabricate trust and acknowledgment.
Blog content is directly related to influencer marketing.

Truth be told, I would state that Content + Influence = Confluence showcasing. At the end of the day, blogging is as much about building connections as it is tied in with composing content but only when you create the correct informative and high-quality content. So what's the ideal approach?

Locate a convincing story that could impress the targeted influencer. Create convincing content around that story and utilize it to connect. This is arguably one of the best strategies to build relations online.


Although some eCommerce website owners find blogging a waste of time and efforts, but, a well written blog with quality information could work wonders for your conversions. Customers want their products easily at their doorstep faster and cheaper.

Online business does the same and  blogs help them reach your store faster which prompts them to buy from you over and over again. They also refer you to those having similar interests. This strategy helps you create a brand name for yourselves and a build trust for your brand in your customers minds.
guest contribution by: Mariyam Zaidi who has been writing for business websites and blogs for three years now. Currently she is the digital marketer at Designomate.com who is offering website design services in Australia and USA.