How to Earn Money from Google at Home Jobs

Google and its jobs, the best ever job online is to join the biggest online company and offline tech giant Google with its platforms which are available for free to all of the internet users worldwide.

Yes, you can use Google's platforms to get a job at Google and you don't have to submit your CVs and all that. You even don't need to be well educated, you can do get a Job at Google without even studying in school.

So, it means Google employees have not required any special skills but the will power which can make them work hard and smart to earn money online.

How to Earn Money from Google at Home Jobs
I know when I was not able to make money offline and searching for the opportunities to work online and do it at home so I can be in my safe zone and still make enough money. My luck was not good and I was discovering some fake PTC (paid to click) websites and have wasted so much of my time. After some months of testing a different kind of online jobs, I found Google and its services.

That day was awesome and from that day I am earning money by having some jobs at Google. If you also want to work with Google and earn money online by working at home then read this guide on how you can earn money from Google at home jobs:

Google Adsense Jobs

Being the #1 company for publishers the Google Adsense Platform is designed in a way which can easily make you get started with Google online jobs and make money without investing your hard earned income.

You can start using Google Adsense for free, but there are some methods to use it, you can't have yourself registered with Google Adsense and start working with it without having a web-page of your own.

By web-page I mean to say that you have to create a blog or a website and then apply for Google Adsense account. Since it's free to apply for Google Adsense and get approved for showing ads on your website or blog, you have to create a good blog/site. I recommend you to create a free blog in starting using Google's free blogging platform called Blogger.
  1. Go to and log in with a free Gmail id
  2. Create your first blog and have a subdomain like
  3. Start posting articles and updates on topics you can easily write (entertainment, news, tech etc)
  4. Do it at least for a month and share your blog with your friends
After getting some content published on the blog and getting some traffic, you can then navigate to the earnings tab in the Blogger dashboard and apply for the Google Adsense account. They will approve you and then you can start showing ads on your blog to earn money with Google online job.

This is a job you have to create on your own but provided by Google with its 3 free platforms Gmail, Blogger, and Adsense.

So do it and work harder to earn more money, as much as you gain traffic on your blog you will earn more. You will earn money for every ad-click so that whenever somebody clicks on ads at your website provided by the Google Adsense, you will earn dollars and pennies which is fruitful and people are earning thousands of dollars by this method.

Not just with blogs, you can also make money with google adsense without a website by making smartphone apps and games then using Adsense's buddy Admob and showing ads on your smartphone applications to make money with Adsense.

Plus you can also create and run your own video streaming website and integrate adsense to make money or step ahead to next Google online job.

YouTube Jobs to Make Money

YouTube is another great platform by Google and available for everybody to use, watch videos and upload your own. Everybody with a Gmail account can create a YouTube account and then a channel with a custom name and all other stuff. You can also start uploading your own videos on YouTube without any limitations.

But, just uploading videos to YouTube is not a feature provided by Google. They are also offering money making the opportunity to YouTubers by enabling them to apply for Adsense integration with YouTube and then start showing ads on their videos.

For ads views and clicks every YouTuber can earn money online. This Google online job is the best way to make money when you are a celebrity or a person having some skills which can be shown publicly in a video. So to do this you can follow the below steps:
  • Open and login with Gmail account
  • Create your own free Channel and add required info
  • Now create some videos and upload them to your channel
After reaching the requirements you will be asked to integrate adsense with your YouTube account and start showing ads to make money with Google. If you are uploading videos that are not yours then you will get your channel deleted. So be sure and upload your own self-made videos.

You can also select a topic and start creating videos around it like Smartphone reviews. You can create smartphone review videos for every new model and upload to make money with the advertisement on those videos.

Google Opinion Rewards Jobs

This is what so many people are doing right now on many other platforms and thinks that this platform is not that great like the other two options by Google. However, there are some ups and downs with this platform.

As you know in the world of AI now everything is changing and companies are not in need of real opinions or surveys. But still, some startups and big brands do get help with real and quick surveys. This is what Google is helping at and providing a great job opportunity to people like you and me.

All you have to do is just go to and find if its available to you or you can easily install their smartphone apps available for Android and iOS. After completing registration you can start making money doing the job at Google opinion rewards by providing your suggestions to the available surveys and completing them accordingly.

These are the 3 basic jobs at Google which everybody can do and work at home. If you want me to share more online money making ideas then comment below and share this article and I will be here to update you with more online job opportunities. Thanks for the read.

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