How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme to Take Your Business Online

Taking your business online is one of the most amazing things you can do to stand out and take your business to the next level.

WordPress (WP) is the best CMS (content management system) available for free to create almost any type of website and most website developers give priority to WordPress when creating a business website.

Usually, a business website contains the following:
  • A portfolio that explains the service
  • A contact us page
  • An about us page
  • Some additional product pages
  • A pricing page
But, there are also businesses, which create a community around their website and that's where WordPress makes it easier to add functionality.

How to Choose the Best WordPress Theme to Take Your Business Online

Generally, all the things you can do with WP are connected to the theme you use.

Unfortunately, if you have a low quality theme then you can't really enjoy all the benefits of WordPress. So, here's a guide on choosing the best WordPress theme so that you can have more opportunities:

Choose A Multipurpose Theme

As you know there are many platforms, which provide you with the best WordPress themes, so how do you know which one to use for your blog or a business website?

Tip #1 - your first priority should be to find a multipurpose theme.


Because a multipurpose WordPress theme can help you:
  • Change website design easily
  • Add more functions
  • Create different types of homepages
  • Add widgets
  • Create different-looking pages
  • Change colors
  • ...And so much more
Simply put: These themes are built to help you easily design your website. There are hundreds of multipurpose themes available in the WordPress themes repository and you can choose one from there, which will cost you nothing.

However, paying for a custom website design is preferred and you should really consider finding a well-documented and designed paid theme because the quality is usually higher.

Be Simple

There are hundreds of simple wordpress themes available to you; both paid and free versions. Don't just add everything on the homepage and fill up the website with tons of widgets and ugly layout styles.

This will distract your user and they will quickly bounce.

Be as simple as you can when designing your business website. As you may already be aware, people don't like a heavy load on websites and when you add too many functions to one site it just ends up loading forever!

How to choose a simple WordPress theme?
  • Check its menu (it should be responsive and added after the logo)
  • Check the homepage style (it should look simple and easy to catch)
  • Check the sidebar and footer (it should be clean and responsive too)
  • Check its font style (it should be readable)
Luckily, there are many simple and minimalist themes available for WordPress and you can easily find one.

Add Lead Magnets

What’s that, you ask?

When you have a great-looking business website with WordPress, its main goal should be generating leads and converting your site visitors into loyal customers.

Lead generation is what businesses are paying thousands of dollars for on a daily basis (and often are still not happy with their return on investment).

If you are looking for how to add a lead magnet or a widget then read below:
  • Always have a CTA (call to action) plan and add these buttons in your articles
  • Use pop-ups and pop-unders for newsletter subscriptions and for giving special offers
  • Use contact forms and launch surveys for customer satisfaction
These are the simplest ways to add lead magnets and generate more customers from your website traffic.

Capture The Data

By capturing data from your readers you can generate more income and help your business grow rapidly.

What type of data should you collect?
  • Emails (the most important thing for affiliate marketing and more)
  • Demographics of visitors and their interests (can be collected with Google Analytics and Alexa)
  • Suggestion (collect their suggestion with comments and feedback plugins like Hot Jar)
These three types of data collection can help you generate more leads, more income, and more tips to make your business stand out from the crowd.

However, email marketing which you can do with captured emails is something that can help you jump-start your next online and even offline business adventures. Alternatively, you can send some product recommendations to the emails you have collected and make money by getting commissions from affiliate networks.

Don't Get Bored

This may shock you, but getting bored with your online business will take you down and your business will also go down with you.

If that happens, consider that you can sell your online business and (hopefully) make good money from that sale. Many content marketers and bloggers are really making a ton of money by flipping websites and they are doing it by creating a potential website or blog and then they sell that online property on different platforms.

You can sell your website on:
  • Website-selling networks like Flippa, FeInternational, and more
  • Facebook groups (there are groups for selling websites)
  • Asking website visitors via a pop-up saying that the website is up for sale
And these are the easiest ways to sell your website, after which, you can take some time off and go traveling!

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