The first self-driving taxi in Dubai is Going to Launch Soon

The first self-driving taxi in Dubai is Going to Launch Soon

Matar Al Tayer, Director General, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), has announced the launch of the first pilot self-service taxi in the region and people are going crazy over the news, as it appears to be the very first attempt for bringing autonomous vehicles into public serving and make them serve the humanity.

Among the initiatives to be launched by the Authority are the Dubai Metro Manufacturing Initiative with 3D technology, the Enterprise Toolbox using artificial intelligence, a robot to clean the floors of Dubai Metro stations, and a package of smart initiatives is awaiting its date(s).

The first images showing the self-driving car shows that it is a Mercedes type and sources revealed the details of its experience at GITEX for the first time. After images of this driver-less taxi went out on internet, people started to search about it and it is now a hot topic in the news and on social media networks too.
  • Al Tayer added that the new initiatives and smart services are in line with the directives of the UAE leadership to transform Dubai into a smart city that provides services to the public by mobile phone around the clock.
As you all knows that Dubai is one of the fastest cities in the world and growing day by day in terms of technology transformation.

People living their are living in future as they can see all the new inventions in the city and can enjoy more and more of technological innovations.
This is also a reflection of Dubai's strategy of driving smart, self-driving, which aims to transform 25% of Dubai's total traffic into self-driving, through various transport routes by 2030, as well as integrating mass transport.
We think that the UAE is looking to have everything what its people need and what its travelers wants to see. Thus the powered person in Dubai are making huge decisions and taking the city to the next levels day after day.

However, its still a question mark that these self-driving cars can make an impact and are they able to self-drive?

There are millions of people who are dis-agreeing to this technology, but as you know most of the technological inventions were not approved by people and then become the routine in daily life.

We are looking forward to see Dubai with its self-drive taxi cars and will try our best to cover more news topics in the tech industry.

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