37% of the Internet Users are Watching Videos on YouTube Worldwide

37% of the Internet Users are Watching Videos on YouTube Worldwide
YouTube is becoming the internet, yes, everybody is turning to YouTube and that's for a reason.

Google is making strict rules and they are forcing video makers to create outstanding content which their audience loves to watch. With crowdsourced and original content without any limits, YouTube is the #1 videos sharing social media network.

That's why YouTube is enjoying a 37% of all worldwide mobile web traffic.

According to a recent study from Sandvine which is published by Statista, Facebook is standing at 2nd spot and Netflix at the 7th spot. The report is a measurement down streaming and measured in megabytes.

The report suggests that:
“YouTube accounts for the most megabytes with 37%, an awfully long way ahead of second-placed Facebook with 8.4% and Snapchat with 8.3%. Netflix, which accounts for the most internet traffic overall, only manages 2.4% when it comes to mobile.”
Here's the list of top 10 networks making the internet:
  1. YouTube – 37%
  2. Facebook – 8.4%
  3. Snapchat – 8.3%
  4. Instagram – 5.7%
  5. Web browsing – 4.6%
  6. Facebook video – 2.5%
  7. Netflix – 2.4%
  8. WhatsApp – 3.7%
  9. App Store – 2.1%
  10. Google Play – 1.9%
  11. Others – 23.4%
As you may get it wrong that people are surfing the internet most of the time by using Facebook and scrolling through the timeline, but the fact is YouTube is winning the game of user benefits.

People want to watch videos for every topic and they can find that on YouTube, almost every topic has been covered on YouTube.

The amazing and most interesting thing is that despite the gap in user-base Snapchat is competing with Facebook and just and standing right below the Facebook.

However, the study says that Facebook video is another platform inside the Facebook app that is emerging and going to be the #1 competition to YouTube as its growing day by day.

So, the data in the report suggests that people are more addicted to Facebook and YouTube and don't want to pay for watching videos or chatting with their friends.

However, the same report suggests that if you can create amazing story based content then you can do business like Netflix is doing with a subscription model.