Erosion Control For Your Business

Erosion Control For Your Business
In the grand scheme of things, erosion is the wearing away of the Earth’s surface.

This can happen on new bits of landscape or old bits of landscape and can be a problem for those residentially, commercially, and agriculturally.

The reason why it occurs differs greatly as well.

Nevertheless, one undisputable fact is that you should implement erosion controls at your company in order to ensure that your land is protected if you feel that there is a risk or danger of erosion happening. You can install these precautions yourself, or you can employ Erizon erosion control in Queensland (or wherever required) to ensure a professional job that will help to protect your property. 

There are several different choices at your disposal...

Retaining walls

Retaining walls are essentially a man-made blockage – they hold back the soil and prevent further sloping.

There are four different types of retaining walls available, including gravity walls and anchored walls, however, the company implementing the structure will be able to advise you on which is best for you based on your outside space.

It is important that the construction and the design of the walls are given a lot of planning time so that they achieve longevity and work effectively. You may need to hire wacker plates to prepare the land first.

Nevertheless, the good thing about this option is that it presents you with the opportunity to improve the image of your outdoor corporate space too.

There are some great designs available and so you can see these as a landscaping opportunity as well as erosion control.


A lot of people don’t believe it but a simple lack of planting can be the main reason as to why erosion occurs at your business premises.

Of course, this is not a method which can fix erosion overnight and so if you have a drastic situation then you may need to consider another option.

However, if you have forethought and are thinking about the long term impact then vegetation is important.


Quite simply the plants' roots lock together and they create a system which stabilizes the soil.

Nevertheless, this can sometimes not always be enough for some areas and thus you may need to lose vegetation alongside another erosion control. This is a great way to try and prevent erosion from the get-go, however.

Mats and blankets

You can purchase erosion mats otherwise known as erosion blankets, and these provide a relatively inexpensive and popular solution.

These work to ensure no more runoff and they operate via being woven to the area in order to slow down the process.

As you may expect, they are made from rough materials in order to give an effective method of control. They are available in a wide range of sizes and thus you should be able to find one to suit your area without any problem.

If you are suffering from erosion or are simply seeking a method of control at your business, then one of the three mentioned in this article should provide a feasible solution.