Meta Tag Generator Tool for Blogger

Meta Tag Generator Tool for Blogger
Blogger meta tags and description generator tool is available online at this page to make you easily generate original and highly effective SEO meta tags for your Blogger powered blogs.

You can use this tool for as well as WordPress and even other HTML based websites and blogs, but it's specially designed for Blogger blogs so it will work effectively for you.

Without any technical knowledge, you can use this free online meta tag generator tool to create important meta tags and skyrocket your SEO efforts. This SEO tool will give the latest meta tags version and will be compatible with the latest blogger templates.

Meta Tag Generator Tool for Blogger

This tool is the answer to "how to create meta tags" for free and boost rankings in just a few days.

Author (Optional):
Robots (Optional):

How to use:

It's really a simple and most effective meta tag generator tool for blogger, all you need to do is:
  1. Write an SEOptimized description
  2. Select your SEO keywords
  3. Add author name
  4. Select Robots type
  5. Click on Create Metatags button
Sometimes your internet browser will ask you "Are You Sure?" to allow the changes and you can click on Allow/OK button to make the updated meta tags generated tool work properly.

This free meta tag generator tool will instantly generate your metatags code that you can copy and paste inside the Head area of your blog or website and make it search engine friendly.

How a Free Meta Tag Generator effective?

The perfect meta description should be in 150 letters max and should represent what your blog is all about. So make sure that you are adding a specific meta description in the above tool.

Now you should consider adding relative and highly searched keywords between the topics you are talking about in your blog posts and make sure you are adding most relative keywords in the meta keywords option in the above SEO tool for generating meta tags.

If you want then you can add your name as Author name in the above tool or you can leave it blank and you can do the same with Robots option.

Meta Author and Meta Robots are two things you should take care of and if you don't know how they will react then listen to me:
  • Author name will appear in search results or when you share blog posts on social media sites
  • Meta Robots will tell Google bots and other search engines what to do with the pages on your blog 
So, its better to don't change robots options and go with the defaults that are optimized and search engine friendly.

You can ask your questions in the comments and I will reply you with SEO based answers.