Top social media trends which can take the internet by wildfire in the coming times

Top social media trends which can take the internet by wildfire in the coming times
We have stepped into the year 2019 and the second decade of the 21st century is going to end soon.

This decade has witnessed the exponential growth in the way our society has advanced towards the use of technology and the way we have been using social media.

The social media was in its growing stage 10 years ago, but when we fast forward to the present day, it has become an integrated part of our life and many of our actions are derived based on the influence of the social media.

With a user base of more than 2 billion people across the globe, the social media has not been limited to the people only, but it has become the best platform for the enterprises to grow their business and promote their products cum services to their target audience.

On one hand, people are using it to connect with their friends, colleagues and families globally, whereas the corporate are using it as a tool for brand awareness, lead generation and direct sales by efficiently using both organic methods and paid campaigning.

Moreover, the timeline of social media evolution has been quite fascinating and has witnessed many trends that have taken the internet by storm.

Here, our point of discussion would be some of the upcoming social trends that may be the next thing in the world of the internet -

1) Social Turning Storified

When Snapchat launched the disappearing stories a couple of years ago, people took it for fun, so did many other social networking companies.

But soon it became a major hit and people went crazy for it.

Now almost all the leading social media apps have enabled the functionality of stories and people have their keen interest in posting on their stories rather than their feed.

The experts in the field of social media have already predicted that the stories will take over the feeds in the next 1-2 years in terms of people sharing their content with their friends and close ones.

The same thing is also going to be targeted by the advertisers to enable in-story ads so that they can capture their target audience. This thing has already been implied on Instagram and soon will be rolled out on Facebook as well.

2) The integration of FaceBook family apps

When we say the term Facebook family, it comprises of FaceBook, Instagram, and WhatsApp together.

Although Facebook and Instagram have collaborated many functionalities together already, WhatsApp has stayed a separate entity until now.

But as it has been anticipated from many months now, it is expected that soon a single way of integration will be launched by Facebook that will allow the users to choose the app of his choice to interact with their friends and decide where they want to share their things.

This move will change the entire dynamics of the social media arena and will give a boost to the business of Facebook.

3) Rebuilding Trust

When we look at the throwback (throwback meaning in Hindi is विपर्ययण) memories of 2018, we remember the scandal of Cambridge University where Facebook leaked the data of its users followed by the hearing of the Facebook in Congress session and the global pressure of securing the data of users by improving security and transparency.

The GDPR was implied keeping all this in context and many major decisions were taken.

However, this area is still a concern for many and few key decisions are yet to be taken by the higher authorities which will make huge changes in the way the users use the social media and the advertisers use it to display their ads.

Challenges are many, but the key challenge is to win the trust of the users back.

It’s a phase of transition for almost all the social media companies and they are very sensitive while taking any decision as the world is looking at all their actions.

4) Social Media TV

What if you start getting the feed of the TV shows on social media itself.

Well, this is something that may turn true in the coming time, thanks to the ever-growing social media and the AI-based algorithms.

When Instagram decided to launch the IGTV back in 2018, it made into headlines everywhere and people loved the concept. It allows the users to watch some unique content and it sits right on the top of your feed and stories section, hence it gets the maximum attention as well.

The biggest advantage it brings for the social media companies is that it increases user engagement like anything and it sticks them to one place.

It will allow the advertisers to target their audience in a systematic way, without disturbing their privacy and showing them the right kind of ads at the right time.

The world of social media is very huge and it is expanding its horizon with the passage of time.

The way things are heading, we can expect that these trends will take social media to the next level and will hit the internet to the core.