Twitter to Launch "Subscribe to Conversation" Button

Twitter to Launch "Subscribe to Conversation" Button
Twitter is becoming more amazing day-after-day and that's why they say "Twitter is What's Happening", with this slogan, Twitter is going to introduce another great feature.

Yes, this is about subscribing to a piece of news, topic or conversation and you will soon become able to subscribe to a conversation on Twitter without touching the like or tweet button.

With a "subscribe to conversation" button, Twitter users will be able to follow any twitter thread without showing themselves as subscribers.

This subscription option will make you an anonymous subscriber and inform you about the latest replies or tweets. So it will help you be authentic, first follow the topic and if you think that's something from your likes, you can tweet about that topic or conversation or leave it.

However, the feature is not officially announced nor reported, Jane Manchan Wong who is famous because of her talent of uncovering unreleased features of big networks and reporting about security vulnerabilities reported that Twitter is developing another great feature:
She shared the actual screenshot and you can see that in the tweet above.

As she is sharing this kind of things normally and many other tech-lovers and hackers are also sharing such secret features with their followers, its rare when officials reply to such threads.

Twitter's official communications team is responsive more than other networks and this is the example, as they just replied to Jane Manchan Wong:
According to that reply by Twitter officials, we can say that Twitter is all set to release a set of new features (at least this one) and will make the social-news platform more active.

We are expecting the official launch of this feature in the coming weeks and looking forward to testing it.

What do you guys think?