Google: Sites are Faster Since Pagespeed Became a Ranking Factor

Google: Sites are Faster Since Pagespeed Became a Ranking Factor
In a recent study, Google found out that after making page speed a ranking factor, websites got faster.

Google also said that abandonment rates are down and claimed that more than 95% of the countries had improved their web-ecosystem, making the internet faster.

To your notes, Google made page speed a ranking factor in 2018 and now most of the websites are on AMP (accelerated mobile pages) that are purely made for mobile users with the highest loading speed.

Seeing no improvement in 2017, but a huge change in 2018, Google claims:

“For the slowest one-third of traffic, we saw user-centric performance metrics improve by 15% to 20% in 2018. As a comparison, no improvement was seen in 2017.”

Millions of Sites are now speed-optimized

And to back its claims, Google shared that:

In 2018, developers ran over a billion PageSpeed Insights audits to identify performance optimization opportunities for over 200 million unique URLs.

That is huge and confirms that most of the website developers are considering page speed as a priority when they create websites or update old sites.

Abandonment Rate is Down

What is the abandonment rate? that's nothing but can ruin your efforts, make your money go to vain and help you fail with your startup.

Now its something? really? it is.

That's why you should consider making your websites load faster and have a flash loading speed. As when your website will take longer to respond or load properly, the visitor will go back and will never come to your site.

Google observed a 20% reduction in abandonment rate when developers tried to improve page-speed and this is how page speed as a ranking factor is improving web loading speed.

So, do your best, if you are at WordPress use AMP plugins and if you are on any other platform or have a custom designed website then higher a developer for making your website load faster.

This is something that can help you increase your return on investment (ROI) and grow bigger as easy as possible.