9+ New Tech Options for Grandparents

9+ New Tech Options for Grandparents
Technology advancement has been very consistent and each year comes with a new introduction.

The good thing is that with every new development come to a superior option and this makes life better and easier.

Some of the areas that technology improves include entertainment, communication, health, efficiency in services and overall wellbeing.

However, not every person is tech savvy, and therefore it’s important to be considerate when buying people a tech gift especially grandparents who may know very little about technology.

Consider things such as their tolerance level and usability of the tech device.

That said, here are some of the tech options you should consider when you are thinking of your grandparents.

1. Smartwatch For Fitness Tracking And Blood Pressure Monitoring

This is a very useful gadget for your grandparents, and they will be very grateful if you can provide it to them and teach them how to use it.

The gadget will operate as a watch and at the same time monitor their heart rate and blood pressure.

Also, the Smartwatch can be used to monitor sleep patterns for your grandparents when worn to bed. It is both useful and practical, allowing your grandma or grandpa to take control of her or his health.

2. Kindle E-Reader

If any of your grandparents love reading, then the Kindle E-Reader could be a perfect gift for him or her.

It’s a portable gadget the size of an iPad and has thousands of books in it. A Kindle E-Reader is very easy to use, has a long lasting battery and is very light as compared to most smartphones.

It will keep your grandpa or grandma busy and occupied rather than getting bored at home or when traveling.

3. Echo Spot

An echo spot is smaller as compared to echo and can be bought from Amazon.

It is a very nice gadget for grandparents who love chatting with their grandchildren. Echo spot not only allows device calling but can also connect to Alexa among other smart devices.

It is quite easy to use, is available in different online stores and retails at about $130.

Everyone would love to build a strong and active connection with their grandparents, and this gadget will help you with this.

4. Amazon Fire TV

This is a very nice tech option for any grandparent who loves being entertained.

The fact is that everyone loves entertainment and Amazon Fire TV provides a special kind of entertainment.

It can be integrated with Alexa, has numerous entertainment channels including Hulu, Amazon contents and Netflix, and the most amazing part is that it supports 4K Ultra HD. It is very easy to install and can be acquired with only $40 at hand.

5. Smart Eight Mattress

The most relaxing moment for a grandparent is when they are sleeping, and if you can get them a tech option that allows them to have a good night sleep, then that’s a perfect gift.

The smart-eight mattresses have a pressure and temperature sensing technology and therefore will always know when your grandpa or grandma is awake to change its settings.

It also has a smart alarm in case your grandparents want to wake up early or extend their sleep. The good thing about the intelligent mattress is that it will always allow your grandparents to relax and enjoy a good night sleep every day.

6. Mypetdoc

Does your grandma or grandpa love pets?

If your answer is yes, then you can relieve them the agony that comes with having a sick pet especially at night or when their vet is closed for that specific time.

You do this by getting them Mypetdoc whereby they can speak with their pet vet any time of the day through a chatbot.

They can ask any question about their ailing or probable ailing pet and get a diagnosis and a solution without having to step out of their home.

7. Keysmart

Everyone has different keys for different places in the house and sometimes it can be very challenging to keep all these keys together.

Grandparents are also more prone to losing their keys. In this case, you can get your grandparents a Keysmart which is a garget that will help them hold all their keys together.

It can also hold other add-ons such as a flash drive or a bottle opener. If your grandparents have a problem in losing their keys, go for the Keysmart Pro because it comes with a tile smart location tracking.

It’s a Bluetooth tracker, and they will always know where the keys are even if they forget.

8. Owl Car Cam

This is one of the newest technology for automotive, and it’s a security device that operates as a dash camera both from the inside and outside of a vehicle.

It has an HD camera that picks a live view around and inside the vehicle. It also allows someone to speak to a person who is inside the vehicle. This is a great gift for your grandparents because you will be assured of their safety whenever they are driving out there.

You will also be able to know if anyone came near your grandpa’s car after he parked it even they leave right after.

The footage acquired from Owl Car Cam can be very helpful in case of accidents because it will be able to tell exactly what happened during the accidents.

9. August Smart Lock

This is a very helpful gadget for grandparents who tend to be forgetful and lose their keys now and then.

While there are different smart locks in the market, this specific gadget can be connected to a smartphone to help in easy tracking of the keys. All you need to do is to install the app connected to the August Smart Lock in your phone.

Technology is good for everyone and therefore should also help your grandparents to stay on top of it by providing tech options that they can easily understand.

This list is an ultimate guide towards getting a good tech gift for your grandparents.
Guest contribution by: Adrian Rubin who is a photographer and story writer. He has always loved playing video games since he was young and this is how he became fascinated with graphics. He uses the games played to develop most of the stories he writes. Adrian Rubin loves traveling and is also a humanitarian.