8 Great E-Commerce Platform Marketing Tools You Can't Ignore

8 Great E-Commerce Platform Marketing Tools You Can't Ignore

As an entrepreneur, you have so many conflicting pressures that it’s sometimes difficult to know how best to prioritize.

But marketing is something you should never neglect - as it’s such a key component of any business’s success.

How can an e-commerce platform help?

If you already sell products online B2B or B2C, you’ll be familiar with the functionality that e-commerce platforms can offer.

They provide you with both a store and administration front which can handle your sales - and a whole host of other transactions.  These can include your accounts, orders, payments, returns - even discounts or managing out of stock products, in Magento.

How they support your marketing priorities

E-commerce platforms also offer lots of possibilities when it comes to supporting your business’s marketing priorities.  But many entrepreneurs aren’t aware of just what a powerful promotional tool they can be.

Did you know, for example, that they can provide:
  1. Triggered personalized emails.
  2. Leveraged reviews.
  3. Rich analytics for audience insights.
  4. Easy onsite promotional unit management.
  5. An integrated blog platform;
  6. Conversion rate optimization options.
  7. Discount codes to help in promotions.
  8. SEO features to maximize your discoverability.
8 Great E-Commerce Platform Marketing Tools You Can't Ignore

So why are these so important to your business - how can they help you promote your products and drive sales?

Each element is a crucial part of any marketing plan - but we’ve illustrated just a few key points below.

Engaging personalized emails are incredibly useful tool for any small business to use.  They provide a direct form of communication that potential customers can sign up to directly online. And the design and content can be tailored in a way that’s right both for your brand and target audience.

Reviews provide trust in your brand or business - in fact, in a recent survey 84% of people said they would respond favourably to a positive review.  They also help improve your site’s SEO, when you include them - but we’ll come back to that later.

Analytics are an essential part of making informed, educated business decisions and they provide invaluable insights into customer behaviour.
8 Great E-Commerce Platform Marketing Tools You Can't Ignore

Blogging is a great way to extend the reach of your online presence - as not all content should be purely sales driven.  You can use them to tap into your customer’s related interests and topics that are appropriate to your brand, And they also help to optimise your site for conversion.

Discounts and special offers are a key tool in helping to drive sales - and are a powerful tool for any small business.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is an ever increasingly important way for any business to maximise its online presence.  It helps your sites rank more highly and be as visible as possible to your customers.

Many e-commerce platforms have SEO functionality built in - identifying keywords and helping you with, for example, successfully employing ‘rich snippets.

And, by nature, sites are SEO friendly in layout and style - with uncluttered, well laid out templates, and good navigation.

We hope this post has given you some food for thought about the potential of e-commerce platforms.

We think they’re too powerful a tool to be ignored when you’re planning your business’s marketing priorities.