61 Creative Weight Loss Blog Names

61 Creative Weight Loss Blog Names
There are people who become celebrities just by sharing their weight loss journies and you can do the same. Just start a blog and talk about how you lose weight or trying to lose it. People will surely interact with you.

Our list of 61 creative weight loss blog names will further help you to easily choose a blog name that should be unique, memorable and interesting at the same time for capturing more readers.

Weight Loss Blog Names:

  1. One Man’s Trip to the Half
  2. Just A Weight Loss Blog
  3. Hot Weight Loss Blog
  4. Carrots ‘N’ Cake
  5. Happy Bubble Gal
  6. Escape From Obesity
  7. Pearl Weight Loss Blog
  8. Clever Biceps
  9. Fat Girl Dives In
  10. Beautiful Body And You
  11. Skinny Jeans Dreams
  12. Extra Weight Loss Blog
  13. Fit to the Finish
  14. 344 Pounds
  15. Fit This, Girl!
  16. Learn Fitness
  17. Lovely Weight Loss Blog
  18. The Amazing Adventures of Diet Girl
  19. Run Eat Repeat
  20. Fixing Myself Happy
  21. Who Ate My Blog?
  22. Sweating Until Happy
  23. A Journey to Thin
  24. Green Weight Loss Blog
  25. Your Weight Loss Blog
  26. Prior Fat Girl
  27. Pure Weight Loss Blog
  28. Reduced Fat Girl
  29. Losing Weight in the City
  30. No Thanks to Cake
  31. Runs for Cookies
  32. The Fitnessista
  33. My Weight Loss Blog
  34. Can You Stay for Dinner
  35. The World According to Eggface
  36. Ben Does Life
  37. Something Brilliant is Brewing
  38. Gym At Home
  39. Awesome Weight Loss Blog
  40. Dreamy Body Work
  41. Fats Of You
  42. Dream Of 6 Abs
  43. Perfect Weight Loss Blog
  44. Love to Eat, Hate to Exercise
  45. It Sux To Be Fat
  46. Breakfast to Bed
  47. Skinnie Emmie
  48. Royal Weight Loss Blog
  49. A Merry Life
  50. My Bizzy Kitchen
  51. Real Weight Loss Blog
  52. A Weight Loss Blog
  53. My Journey to Fit
  54. All Weight Loss Tips
  55. Fantastic Weight Loss Blog
  56. Believing in Myself
  57. Keeping Up With Katie
  58. Feed Me, I’m Cranky
  59. The Weight Loss Blog
  60. Best Weight Loss Blog
  61. Yum Yucky
These 60+ blog names about weight loss can be used as niche blog name ideas and you can think creatively after reading this list.