68 Simple Blog Names

68 Simple Blog Names
Have you ever heard about a micro niche blog? that is what we call a simple blog or a personal blog that is dedicated to a person or a small topic and the author publishes content related to a particular topic. If you can write on such a topic, you should start a blog today.

Our list of  68 simple blog names will guide you to name your blog and make sure that the name is catchy, memorable and interesting.

Simple Blog Names Ideas:

  1. The Mindfulness Project
  2. Simplify & Pursue
  3. Exile Lifestyle
  4. Perfect Example Of Life
  5. Hip Diggs
  6. Break the Twitch
  7. The Art of Simple
  8. Simple Adventure
  9. Tiny House Talk
  10. First Blog Hub
  11. My Life is Average
  12. Becoming Minimalist
  13. Worldwide Simple Blog
  14. Happy To Blog
  15. Down to Earth
  16. My Blog Matters
  17. Your Simple Blog
  18. Un-Fancy
  19. Slow Your Home
  20. Smallish
  21. Minimalist Baker
  22. All Things Blog
  23. Extra Simple Blog
  24. Super Mom Blogs
  25. Purity Guaranteed
  26. Simplicity Relished
  27. All Blog Hacks
  28. Dawn Of News
  29. Frugaling
  30. The Ugly Volvo
  31. Creative Lifeline
  32. Our New Life in the Country
  33. All Things Life
  34. Blonde On A Budget
  35. The Life on Purpose Movement
  36. Awesome Speaks
  37. Greenery Over Me
  38. Loving Simple Living
  39. Lost In Dreams
  40. Awesome To Blog
  41. A Simple Blog
  42. All Blog Things
  43. Mindful
  44. Be More With Less
  45. My Lovely Blog
  46. Dreamy Blogger
  47. House of Humble
  48. Zen Habits
  49. Real Blogosphere
  50. Everthrive
  51. Future Of World
  52. Simply Fiercely
  53. Cute Kids Blog
  54. The Minimalist Plate
  55. The Classy Simple Life
  56. Better Life Blog
  57. Minimal Millennial
  58. Just Another Blog
  59. Raising Simple
  60. No Sidebar
  61. Pure Blog
  62. Simple… Not Plain
  63. Royal Blogging Family
  64. Smallish Blog
  65. Simplify Magazine
  66. Lost In Paradise
  67. Creative Countryside
  68. Green Hat Blog
These 60+ blog names about simple word as a blogging niche can help you generate some really creative blog name ideas.