Does Snapchat Delete Inactive Accounts? (Answered)

I logged into my Snapchat account to see if it's still up and how was my profile pic when I created the account years ago. Then I realized that my account is still the same, nothing has changed there and there was no warning like changing your password or your account has been deactivated.

Does Snapchat Delete Inactive Accounts? (Uncovered)

Soon after this moment, I realized that Snapchat couldn't delete my account for a variety of reasons and if you are asking me that dose Snapchat deletes inactive accounts just like mine, I will have an answer like this:
A Big NO. Snapchat doesn't delete any inactive account and for a variety of reasons like competing with other social media networks in number game, attracting investors and winning hearts of advertisers and alsot he users, they have to show their increasing number of users every quarter. So, if they start deleting inactive accounts, they may get into trouble. In the end, they couldn't delete an inactive account.

That's the simplest answer a person can tell you with his own experience and as Snapchat is different than all other social networks and dating sites, they are striving for the best of users and are trying to know what its users really want in the Snapchat app.

On the other hand, if you are interested to say goodbye to Snapchat and deactivate your Snapchat account, here's how you can do it manually:
  1. Go to
  2. Navigate to Support, Community, My Account & Security
  3. Open the Account Information
  4. Click on Delete My Account
It will show you some instructions, follow them and you will be able to delete your Snapchat data and profile (if they allow you).

As Snapchat is also doing good in the security of the network, they are taking strict actions against users who abuse and do illegal activities using the Snapchat app (or any other source). They can deactivate any of the Snapchat user's accounts if a user goes against their terms of service and privacy policy statements. They are clear at making a safe social media network by having a low tolerance for users who are underage or users who share things that may be inappropriate for other underage users or visitors.

So, the final thing is:
Snapchat does not delete inactive accounts by can deactivate an account that is not respecting their terms of service.
Note: If someone is saying that Snapchat deleting inactive accounts, he/she may be trying to trick you and ask for your credentials to make your account safe, avoid such fake news updates.

Stay safe and be active on Snapchat, it is fun.