Is Your Organization CCTV Monitored?

Is Your Organization CCTV Monitored?
As one of the premier surveillance and monitoring services, there are a plethora of CCTV services that ExpertCallers offer, but the main question is: Why should you use our services?

Read ahead to get to know more about our world-class facilities.

What are the CCTV Monitoring Services?

Security is a significant concern for people of our age, especially when it comes to businesses. Businesses are more prone to security breaches and, therefore, face several challenges in this domain. Their challenges lie in the security of their organization, assets, and employees.

But most of these challenges could be easily averted. Is your organization also looking to invest in techniques to avoid chances of theft? Then, investing in sound quality CCTV monitoring systems and services is your best option.

Our CCTV monitoring services allow immediate identification and action against intrusions. We use highly professional CCTV monitoring systems to comprehensively remove the threat of theft from your organization. We provide trained professionals to monitor your premises and project sites (if any) to ensure top-notch surveillance, which is also cost-effective and pocket-friendly.

To understand our process more clearly, read ahead:

  1. Video Monitoring/Surveillance: With a team of trained individuals who have complete knowledge of the technical, legal, and ethical procedures and parameters involved in CCTV monitoring, you can live stress-free. We’ll help your organization quickly set up monitoring devices connected to a central visual station that is being monitored continuously by a team. The team would be apt at finding suspicious behavior in and outside your organization’s premises to help protect your assets.
  2. Quality Assurance: Our team of qualified professionals would be headed by even more skilled personnel who would oversee all CCTV operators’ activities and services. They’ll perform regular (unplanned) audits to ensure workplace authenticity, and our performance remains at the highest level. These practices will help ensure work quality and smooth and efficient working of the systems.
  3. Monitoring Documents for CCTV Service: The trained professionals document every observed event on the CCTV for future references. Every feature, every detail, and description like zones, timestamps, etc., are recorded to ensure detailed work and ensure quality. This helps keep track of movements and tasks, which can help resolve disputes in the future.
  4. Checks and maintenance: Like every other system, even CCTV systems require regular inspections and maintenance. CCTV services for us include routine testing of facilities to ensure functioning at the desired quality. They undergo testing for light conditions, remote control capabilities, camera lens check, camera operability, audio levels and signals, network strength, and signals, among other services. Apart from all machine-related needs, we also ensure that you are provided with a robust storage system for recordings and documentation.

About Our CCTV Technology 

We use State-Of-The-Art CCTV technologies to provide our customers with 24x7 hours of surveillance services.
  1. We use high-quality cameras for video surveillance, which are adequately backed up and documented and can be used for legal processions.
  2. We offer effective coupling services, wherein these surveillance devices can be linked to your devices for personal identification and other applications.
  3. Our CCTV video surveillance systems can be integrated with other systems installed in the organization like alarm systems, etc., for an onsite inspection and immediate safety processes.
  4. Our policy is not only pocket-friendly but justifies its cost with all its optimal robustness, network bandwidth, etc.

Why should you invest in CCTV?

Situations that require attention to health and safety are most profited by CCTV protection, but that doesn’t mean that other domains of life are not vulnerable to security breaches.

Any organization with assets that need to be protected from unauthorized people must invest in quality CCTV monitoring services.

The everyday situations wherein CCTV monitoring is beneficial are:
  1. Construction sites that store valuable equipment require monitoring to avoid theft.
  2. Public places that are vulnerable to vandalism, aggression, or terrorism need high security, with constant video surveillance.
  3. Retail stores are prone to theft and require CCTV monitoring.
  4. Vehicle safety in parking areas also requires 24x7 monitoring.
  5. Restaurant areas where hygiene matters are to be cross-checked and validated with surveillance.
These are some of the many examples of workplaces where CCTV video surveillance systems are critical.