5 Significant Instagram Story Tips That Everyone Must Know

5 Significant Instagram Story Tips That Everyone Must Know

Instagram is the place for celebrating every moment in your life. You can easily connect with your friends and family members. It is a stage to get inspired by everything like beauty, fashion, fitness, cooking, home decor, and more. It is crystal clearly shown that it's a worthwhile platform for advertisers, business marketers.

The chances on Instagram for brands and audiences are unending. Through Instagram, you can do whatever you want; you can start your advertisement, show off your products in front of massive groups, or get connected with your followers.

Instagram offers various ways to engage with your audience to promote or influence your brand or products. Likewise, one of the essential and useful features of Instagram is the Instagram story.

Instagram has come up with many new features to make better engagement and branding.

Let's start,

Aware About All Editing Features

Maybe it looks simple, but still, many people ever tried all the editing tools ultimately. Using simple editing features, you can present your story in a very compelling, impressive manner. Your story should encourage your users to interact and connect with it. You have so many options to design your text, images, color to shine from the crowd.

Let's look up six editing tools that are displayed on the Instagram story page. 

    Save: Using the save option, you can keep whatever editings you have made previously. For instance, if you have included any music of gif, it will be added as a video.

    Filters: With the help of a filter icon, you can add any VR filter effects used when taking a photo or after the fact.

    Links: you can add any links depending on your story's content, or you like to share any topics for your audience. But anyway, accounts with 10k followers are only allowed to include any links with their audience.

    Go With Attractive Accessories: Accessories help provide extra engagement and excitement for your story via funny and exciting stickers.

    Drawings Or Sketching: This icon is used to include any handwritten text or images. You will be provided with two brushes, eraser and you can select a color for your sketchings.

    Text: Using a text icon, you can place your text anywhere in your story frame. You have many styles for your text.

Try to get to know more about these tools to design your story interestingly.

Post Your Image With Required Size

You can take the photo directly via Instagram story editor, and you can start editing. Or you can choose your photo from your gallery; then you can edit them. You have taken images using Instagram story editor; then, your pictures will be exact size 1080px by 1920px, which is the perfect size for an Instagram story. On the other side, if you take images on your regular camera, you have many options to edit your photos from other apps.

But anyway, it's better to take images using Instagram story editors to get a perfect size.

Make Use Of Color Option 

Colors use to present your content more fascinatingly. You can use color options for many different things like text color, brush color, accent color, background color, and more. You can select the text you want to change and pick which color you want for that selected text. Color options are many; you can make use of it. There are nine colors you can choose on the screen. Click swipe up you will see the additional set of colors.

Additionally, you can tap the dropper icon to choose a color from anywhere in the editor. You can use extra color synergy in the pictures; you can add them. You have plenty of options, features in the color icon; you need to explore to discover all those stuff.

Discovery Different Font And Text Formats 

The first starts with any images or video, then you can tap anywhere to start typing or writing. You can include a lot of text boxes by tapping out the text box. You have five different styles like classic, modern, neon, strong, and typewriter. You can choose a color for your background. Remember, this option is only available in classic typewriter font. You will also align the text like right, left, and center for classic and typewriter fonts. For other fonts, it remains centered. You can zoom the text if you want, and you can pinch the text itself; also, you can add emojis.

Experiment With Instagram Funny Stickers 

Once you finish with your images or video, color selection, and text, you can benefit from Instagram's additional attractive features to your content. Just swipe up the screen to see many beautiful accessories like location tags, hashtags, GIFs, music, countdowns, polls, questions, chat, stickers, and other funny stickers. 

Questions, polls quiz stickers are a great tool to bring more engagement to your Instagram stories. To get continuous engagement from a large number of people, you can buy Instagram story views to gain interaction happening under your stories. Experiment with all types of stickers and features to see what works the best.

Did you know? Instagram is interconnected with the Spotify app so that you can play your favorite songs or music with your Instagram story. These options are generally advantageous to maximize your engagement rate; you can easily promote your brands or product.

Winding Up

Through Instagram story features, you can gain organic attention and engagement from your audience. Try to create innovatively and experiment with every part and tools on Instagram story. Make use of all those stickers, features, and editing tools wisely.

I think now you all get to know about the Instagram story; at least you have an idea about the editing tool, right!. Then begin to start your own Instagram story.