HBU Definition: What Does HBU Mean?

HBU Definition: What Does HBU Mean?

HBU is an internet slang term and is widely used by teenagers and others who are actively using social media networks and apps to talk with friends, followers, and family members. Here we are going to explain this term in detail so you can understand why, where, and how we use it.

HBU Definition:

HBU stands for “How About You” and is a question. HBU is the abbreviation of “How About You?” in texting and another meaning of HBU is “Houston Baptist University.” We use HBU while texting on social media or mobile-messaging to ask the receivers about their plans or to seek an update about their health or a scheduled meeting.

The number one reason why we use HBU in testing is to reply faster and be quick in asking the other person about whatever the topic is in question. This is the fastest way of asking “how about you?” or “how you're doing?”.

How HBU Was Created?

The history of social media messaging is not so long but the outcomes are indefinite. A big example is various internet slang terms (acronyms) such as HBU, HNY (happy new year), HBD (happy birthday), WBU (what about you), TK (take care), and more, here's how HBU become a familiar term for “how about you?”:

Before online chatting, people used to text via mobile phones and as there was no option to see if the second person received and read the message or not, people used to wait for the reply. Soon after the introduction of Instant Messaging for internet-connected devices, text messaging become a norm, and terms such as HBU become common too.

As HBU is basically being used to ask a question, you can use it for seeking opinions and answers from your friends and online community and an example is here:

  • Your friend asks you about your health, she asked: What's the plan now? we scheduled a meeting, are you up?
  • You can send her a quick message and say: Yes, I am getting ready for the meetup, HBU?
  • She will quickly understand and reply to you: Okay, I am already driving the car towards your house.

This is how small talk or you can say an internet talk do the magic with short words that could take more time when typing in the full form. Yes, people are saving their seconds not just the minutes while chatting online.

Example of a small internet talk using HBU

Here we are giving you a quick example of how we can use HBU in small internet talks. Just read the below conversation between Amanda and Jeff:

  • Amanda: What are you doing?
  • Jeff: Playing chess, hbu?
  • Amanda: Cooking eggs.

That's it and they are now in the know. Amanda and Jeff will talk after a while as they can now understand that Amanda is busy cooking and Jeff can enjoy his game.

Why How About You is not HAY but HBU?

Hay or HAY is also the right abbreviation of How About You and when we use HBU instead of HAY, we use the relaxed pronunciation of How About You which converts to “how ’bout you?” and this is why HBU is the right term for “how about you?”.

The term was added to Urban Dictionary in 2008 and you can use HBU in texting on all the social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and even on TikTok and any other Instant Messaging app and also while sending Emails. Almost everybody understands it.

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