How to Get Verified on Twitter/X for Free (2024 Guide)

How to Get Verified on Twitter/X for Free (2024 Guide)

Twitter is the first choice of public figures and people who don't want to hide inside a private profile. With the verified badge on your Twitter profile, you can further enhance your profile and let the Twitterati know that your tweets are original and you are the one who is behind those tweets, replies, and likes.

Allowing personal accounts and business accounts to ask for a blue tick, Twitter is standing tall with other social media networks such as YouTube and Instagram and currently not accepting new requests for account verification. However, you can still make some changes to your Twitter that could help you get a blue verified badge on your Twitter for free.

Yes, you don't have to pay a single penny for getting verified on Twitter as Twitter doesn't charge for these services. The only hurdle is there is no option for you to submit an application for account verification as Twitter removed this service in 2017 and currently working on it to again allow their users to submit applications for getting a verified tick. Yes, Twitter will soon open its verification application service and till that time, you should follow these steps:

How to Get Verified on Twitter Without Being Famous in 2024

To get a blue verification badge on your Twitter profile, you don't have to be famous or a big star, you can get a verification badge for free, and here's what you have to do for it:

  1. Add a professional bio, a headshot as your profile picture
  2. Verify your email address and mobile number from ‘‘settings and privacy’’
  3. Set your tweets to the public by going to ‘‘settings and privacy’’ disable protect your tweets option
  4. Add a cover picture that relates to you and tweet about relative things
  5. Add your official website and a proper address to your profile

This will be enough to let Twitter give you a verified badge.

[NEW] Twitter Blue Subscription for Verifying your Account

Go to Twitter profile page and click on the sidebar

  1. Go to the Twitter app or website
  2. Select Twitter Blue from Sidebar/Profile Menu
  3. Click on the Subscribe button
  4. It may Ask You to Verify your Phone Number
  5. Now, follow the in-app purchase instructions for iOS or confirm your subscription payment on the web
It will cost you $8/month to show Twitter's blue verification tick on your account and if you are not a personality, you will be able to show different coloured tick on your business or brand account.

If you are looking to verify your business account, you should add its logo as a profile picture and a team photo or branding image as a cover photo and tweet about the business, and also add the official website into your Twitter profile with a proper address.

Now you can wait and see whether Twitter reaches you for a verification process and when they announce, you can also apply for getting verified on Twitter.

Till then, keep updating your Twitter profile by tweeting and interacting with relative users.

How much does a verified Twitter account cost?

Well, since you can't pay for a Twitter verification process, you can't actually get an idea about how much you should pay for purchasing a verified Twitter account and also, you shouldn't pay for getting a verification badge on your Twitter profile as it may not work for a long-time. Sooner or later, Twitter may remove your badge. So it is recommended that you opt for a general verification process that is authentic and accepted by Twitter too.

Can a normal person get verified on Twitter?

Even there are no hacks and tricks still a big YES, everybody could get a verified badge on his/her Instagram account, all you have to do it just link your Twitter profile to all of other major social media websites and gain some authenticity as if nobody is searching for you, what's the benefit of getting a verified badge?

How many followers do you need to get verified on Twitter?

Most of the professionals say that you need a minimum of 10,000 followers on your Twitter profile and then you can apply for the verification of your account. However, if you or your brand is already famous and has a presence on different and authentic news websites, you can get a verified badge on your Twitter profile even with less than 500 followers.