How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free (2024 Guide)

How to Get Verified on Instagram for Free (2024 Guide)

A blue tick next to your username on Instagram or in other words a verified badge on Instagram profile makes you trusted and extraordinary. You gain more followers and showcase yourself as a brand or make your brand stand out from the crowd of unlimited startups.

However, as it is a quality grader, one has to be a notable person or a newsworthy company with various mentions on authority websites that showcase the company is going big or the person who is applying for an Instagram verified account is a public figure.

Instagram doesn't automatically verify a profile such as YouTube (after 100K subscribers) and Instagram (when you are a famous celebrity), you have to apply for this, and getting accepted is also not in your hands. If you are a public figure, celebrity, or if you are applying for a well-known brand to get a verified badge on Instagram account, you could get it for free as Instagram doesn't charge for account verification services but you have to meet their minimum eligibility requirements and here's how to apply for getting a blue tick on your Instagram account for free:

Pay to Get A Verified Tick on Instagram

Now everyone can get a verified tick on his/her Instagram account by paying a small monthly fee for Meta Verified services from Meta (Instagram parent company).

You can find this option in your accounts center on Instagram app and you can also do it by using Facebook and connecting your Instagram with your Facebook profile.

How to Get a Verified Badge on Instagram for Free in 2024

As there are no secret tricks or methods to get verified on Instagram, you have to go through the traditional way of applying for a badge, and here's how you can do it in 6 easy steps without paying anything to anyone:

  1. Go to the Instagram app and Login with your Account Credentials
  2. Click on your profile photo in the bottom right corner and click on Menu (3 horizontal lines at top right)
  3. Now click on the Settings icon (gear) at the very bottom
  4. Now click on Account and then Request Verification option
  5. Enter your Real Full Name and a photo ID ie your government identity card
  6. Click on the Send button

After successfully sending your real information with your real photo ID, you have to wait for up to 30 days. As Instagram team requires some time to verify your account and they will send you a notification that your account has been verified or not and if your account is successfully verified by Instagram, you will see a blue tick mark on your profile next to your username and if your verification request is denied, you will have the option to submit another request after 30 days of the rejection notification.

Let us clear some myths and misconception regarding getting verified on Instagram by answering some of the frequently asked questions by Instagram users, companies and others:

Can you pay to get Instagram verified?

In some cases yes, and in some cases no.

For example, if you are a startup company and looking to get verified on Instagram, you can pay news networks for publishing your story, news, and press releases, you can boost your Facebook page and Instagram profile to gain some followers and build authority around your name.

After all of this, you can go and ask Instagram to verify your profile, it will be worth it. On the other hand, if you are paying an individual for getting verified on Instagram, you are going against the terms of services of Instagram.

In short, you can't directly pay for getting a blue tick badge on your Instagram profile, but wait a little.

Meta (the parent company of Instagram) just launched a new way to get your Instagram account verified with a blue tick next to your username.

Yes, now you can pay for Meta Verification (monthly fee) to get dedicated support and a blue tick after completing a verification check.

That's super easy, just go to your instagram account and find meta verification option, pay and that's it.

How many followers do you need to get verified on Instagram?

With some of the recent verifications with less than 500 followers, we can say that Instagram doesn't count your followers when reviewing your application for getting verified on Instagram, they look for the authenticity of your account. However, as some of the Instagram features such as swipe-up links on Instagram stories are available to users who have 10,000 followers or more, if you also have over 10K followers, you may gain a plus point for getting a blue check on your Instagram profile.

So, keep growing, keeping adding more authority to your name or to your company's name and keep applying for the Instagram verification, sooner or later, you will get a verified Instagram account for sure..