How to Get Verified on YouTube for Free (2024 Guide)

How to Get Verified on YouTube for Free (2024 Guide)

Getting verified on YouTube is free and takes a few seconds. As it is not like Instagram and Twitter, the YouTube verification is different and available in two options. The one and the first option of verification is when YouTube ask you to verify your phone number and for this, YouTube give you access to its features such as uploading more than 15 minute-longer videos in up to 4K quality and editing or customizing your video thumbnails that you can't use without verifying your phone number with YouTube.

As YouTube is a free video-sharing platform being offered by Google (the search engine giant), getting a verified badge on YouTube takes more time as there is a big requirement for that. YouTube asks you for a minimum of 100,000 subscribers before you can claim/show a verified badge or as you say a tick mark on your YouTube channel. Yes, that's the 2nd level of YouTube verification and is not available for everyone with a free YouTube account and there's no hack or trick that can help you with getting a verification badge for free on YouTube.

How to Get Verified on YouTube for Free (2024 Guide)

So, if you are looking to verify your YouTube account for accessing extra features, here how to do it:

  1. Open on your browser and at the left toolbar, scroll down, click on Settings
  2. Now click on View Additions Features option (which is available under Your Account)
  3. Here you will see a Verify option, click on it
  4. Select your country, and a way for getting your verification code deliver (call or text message)
  5. After selecting Call or Text options, click Confirm and add your Phone Number now click on Submit button
  6. Check your phone, read or listen your verification code and type into the text box then click Submit button
  7. After successful verification, click on Continue and check your Status and Features on YouTube

That's it. Now your YouTube account is verified and you will be able to access extra features and also, when you will hit 100,000 subscribers, you will see a verified badge under your channel name.

If you need more information and still confused, you can check YouTube's official help page here and understand the basics.

We will keep you updated with the latest updates and changes for YouTube verification process. So stay with us.