Top Advantages and Disadvantages of Work from Home (WFH)

Work From Home Survey Results [Infographic]

From spending some quality time with your family by playing with kids, doing romance with your partner and to avoiding back pain and working on your own schedule, there are some really big distractions and disadvantages of working from home (WFH) that take your productivity far away and make you do more extra things.

Such as watching web-series, playing video games, having more video calls, and sleeping more than you should for good health and a focused workday. As the survey suggests, even worse, some remote workers also told that 55% increased workload when they work from home and 51.4 percent of them feel more stressed.

With much more insights from real people who work from home and data that says different things about working from home with distractions, benefits, and disadvantages, you can read everything on the infographic right below:

Work From Home Survey Results [Infographic]

Work From Home Survey Results [Infographic]
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So, here we revealed top distractions when working from home and the benefits of WFH, and what people think about work at home.

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