What Is OnlyFans, Is It Illegal, How It Works and Who Use It?

What Is OnlyFans, Is It Illegal, How It Works and Who Use It?

In this digital era, making money online and working from home is crucial and all of us have to be on this track for making sure of surviving the next wave of a completely digital world. Everything is going digital, so the businesses. As making videos and sharing on some free video-sharing platforms is look like the easiest way to make money online and the very first name that comes to our minds is YouTube which enables us to earn money by showing ads on our videos, there are some great platforms that are even better than YouTube and pays as per your choices.

Yes, one of them is the OnlyFans platform that let you earn money online by posting videos and images that your fans want you to post and by chatting with your fans and do all behind a paywall. Yes, you can charge your fans and followers for uploading exclusive content and for talking with them in one-on-one chats. 

Being a social network that is available to everyone for free and creators can create a profile while subscribers can signup and pay any creator for seeing his/her exclusive content and doing some chit-chat, FansOnly is seeing a spike in its usage, and thousands of users are coming to this network every day for seeing what their stars have posted for them. OnlyFans is the first choice of people who can pay for porn-related stuff that is being posted on OnlyFans by their favorite celebrities and social media stars.

There are celebs and common people like Cardi B, Bella Thorne, and Pandora Kaaki who post exclusive content for their fans and subscribers pay them for seeing that content. Mostly girls use OnlyFans for posting nudes and as The New York Times dubbed OnlyFans as "the paywall of porn" the girls are taking advantage of this network and that's how this NSFW social website is changing the sex work from the grounds.

What Is OnlyFans?

Founded by Timothy Stokely in 2016 OnlyFans is a British content subscription service based in London and is an NSFW social network that is allowing everyone to create a free profile and start posting videos, images and chat with his/her fans. It is famous for allowing sex workers, pornstars, and other social media stars and influencers to post whatever they want to show to their fans for a price.

Creators can use OnlyFans for posting videos and images that their fans can view behind a paywall so whenever a user subscribes to a profile, the creator gets paid for that. Being the first choice for stars of the adult industry, FansOnly is basically a website that is allowing X-rated entertainment to the general public and allowing everyone to be a star by not showing it all in the public.

Is OnlyFans Illegal?

As everything is happening behind the curtains and a paywall is there that is allowing a small number of users to see the content that could be X-rated, OnlyFans is not illegal in the USA but in South Africa, it is illegal, and using OnlyFans in South Africa is not allowed by the state. The United States is allowing OnlyFans and other platforms like Patreon and more so using Only Fans in the United States is not illegal.

How Does It Work?

With only 5 pages Homepage, Notifications, Create, Chats, and a Menu page, OnlyFans is capable of being the number 1 subscription website for content creators and enables them to upload videos and images behind a paywall. In a simple explanation, OnlyFans is a platform that content creators can use to upload their content and lock it behind a paywall that their subscribers and fans can unlock by paying a monthly fee or one-off tip.

Further, OnlyFans also allow creators to chat with their fans and creators can charge a fee for that. Allowing creators to charge whatever they want, this platform is the first choice for most of the influencers who have a solid fan-base and their fans are willing to pay for seeing their exclusive content.

Who Uses OnlyFans?

As everybody can use OnlyFans site, whether it's about uploading or purchasing original content, most of the times, we can see female models, musicians, social media stars, fitness experts, actors, and influencers use OnlyFans for putting their exclusive content behind a paywall that let them earn more and charge their fans on a pay-per-view, monthly fee or tips basis. The platform is completely made for content creators to earn as much as they want and they could. A real example of how much an OnlyFans user could earn is Bella Thorne, an actress who claimed to have earned a whopping $2 million in just one week of using OnlyFans, there are more names such as Cardi B, Blac Chyna, Farrah Abraham, and more who earned really well on OnlyFans.

What Do People Do on OnlyFans?

Content creators use OnlyFans to upload their content and lock it behind a paywall, while subscribers use OnlyFans to access premium content that is being uploaded by their favorite people, and also the fans can talk with their favorite celebrities on OnlyFans and have to pay real money for that. Most people use OnlyFans as a trusted way of purchasing NSFW videos and photos from the influencers and stars who ask them to join their OnlyFans page and promise to upload content that they will never post publically.

How Creators Can Earn Money on OnlyFans?

Earning money on OnlyFans could be possible when you have at least 1,000 fans or followers on your social profile(s) and you can charge your OnlyFans subscribers with two different monetization options. First, you have to create a free profile on OnlyFans website and verify your account, add a payment method to get paid by OnlyFans. You can select if you are going to post porn and if you are from the US, you will also need to fill your W-9 form for declaring your tax-related information. Other than this, OnlyFans will ask for your real name, date of birth, and your ID card or your Passport and Driving license to verify your account. That's it, now you can pick your monetization method:

  1. Monthly subscription: OnlyFans offers you the default way of putting your content behind a paywall where you can set a monthly fee and let your fans pay you per month.
  2. Pay Per View: With the PPV option, you can send messages that will help you earn more money on OnlyFans as such messages sparks a curiosity to your fans and they pay you to read the message from your side which can include a video, image, or text.
The 2nd option is now famous among OnlyFans creators and they are using it to double their earnings or even triple by uploading general posts for monthly subscribers and exclusive content for fans who pay to view a message and you can send these messages to individual fans and all of your fans at once, the choice is yours.

How Much Do Girls Make on OnlyFans?

Making money on OnlyFans is not as easier as it may sound to you. For this, you have to gain some fame and create a following, that's when you can transfer those followers into paid OnlyFans subscribers and they will start paying you a monthly fee for seeing what you are going to show them. According to the earning calculating tool available on the OnlyFans website, here's how much does the average person make on OnlyFans:

For example, if you can have 5,000+ followers on your social media profiles and ask them to signup on your OnlyFans profile and charge $10.35 per subscriber, you will start earning $517 to $2,587 per month.

Yes, the figures could be less or more, as it depends on your followers and your way of asking them to join you at OnlyFans. You may earn more than the shared amount and may be less than the shared amount.

So, this is all you may need to know about OnlyFans if you are mistyping it as FansOnly and if you still need more information, you can visit OnlyFans.com/help and search for exactly what you need to clear about OnlyFans.