Twitter Acquires A Screen-Sharing Social Media App “Squad”

Twitter Acquires A Screen-Sharing Social Media App “Squad”

The screen-sharing social media app Squad which gained momentum during the pandemic is going to shut down on Saturday and the users have been informed about this.

Why a shutdown? well, the social media giant, Twitter has acquired Squad app (Squad raised $7.2 million in venture capital) and probably going to shut down it alongside Periscope to bring something new based on the Squad app with the help of its team.

As Twitter’s VP of product, Ilya Brown, said in a tweet on Friday:

Excited to share that the @squad team is joining @Twitter to help us bring new ways for people to interact, express themselves, and join in the public conversation, Squad’s talented team brings a deep understanding of how people participate in interactive audio and video conversations – an important pillar in the spectrum of conversations we’re looking to serve on Twitter.”

Seems Twitter has been looking for some different approach to cope with a new social media trending app and its short-form videos, yes, we are talking about TikTok and now, Twitter is going to experiment with more than just a video-sharing app.

Twitter Squad Acquisition Official Tweet:

The Squad app was developed with the aim to let people hang out virtually with their friends using screen-sharing and also the video chat feature.

In a step to take Twitter to the next level, Squad’s co-founders, CEO Esther Crawford and CTO Ethan Sutin will also join Twitter’s product, design, and engineering teams.

They will work with Twitter teams to build a new and interactive way for Twitter users to join conversations and it will probably impact Twitter's traditional reply options.