Handbags For the Person on the Go

Handbags For the Person on the Go

Apart from being a fashion staple, a handbag is also an essential item that makes it easy for you to carry your essentials around. Whether you want to dress up or just go casual, a handbag can make a lot of difference in your whole ensemble. Some numerous styles and designs are available to explore. You may want to explore Hammitt handbags to see what options are perfect for you. Each comes with its unique blend of fashion and practicality. There’s always a handbag for every occasion that you have. So, are you a practical person? What handbags would be perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle? Let’s explore these!

Shoulder Bags

Shoulder bags remain the most popular option of handbags for the on-the-go person. They come in a variety of materials, designs, and hues. The varieties all depend on the imagination of the designers. You can find rectangular-shaped or flat-shaped shoulder handbags and everything in-between. Although they are shoulder handbags, most of them come with both long and short handles and straps that make the carriage easy. You can also choose your shoulder bag based on size. Your size will mostly be determined by how you intend to use it. If you are a light traveler, a small-sized shoulder bag may be ideal, but if you like having all your essentials with you on-the-go, a bigger size would be a perfect choice.

Cross-body Bags

If you’re looking to buy something simple and light to carry, cross-body bags do make life easier for their owners. It comes with a long strap that can be worn across your body. With the cross-body, you can have your hands free or carry other items while on the go. By the way, cross-body bags can also be carried as shoulder bag if you want. It’s all about your style and your preference.

Tote Bags

You’ll find amazing styles and designs of tote bags. They come in different colors and prints. There are shopping totes, which have enough space for your shopping purposes. You will also find the more executive totes that come in sleek designs. The great thing about these types is that they are also functional. Tote bags come in rectangular shapes most times, and the width can be bigger than the length in some cases.


Whether you are going on a date night, a formal occasion, or just hanging out with friends on a night in the town, a clutch will win the day anytime. Clutches come in different styles and designs. From slouchy and soft to boxy and beaded, you can be sure to find the perfect piece that fits your style. If you are carrying a clutch, you should be prepared not to carry many items because there is so much a clutch can take.


Satchels are more like cross-body bags, but they come in more precise shapes. Satchels are usually rectangular, unlike the square or circular shape of cross-body. Satchels also have dual buckle fastening and an envelope flap, unlike the clasp fastening of the cross-body bags. The design makes satchels a great choice for your everyday and on-the-go movement.

Duffle Bags

The list of handbags for the person on-the-go cannot be complete without mentioning the duffle bags. These are the perfect choice for busy moms, gym-goers, and college students. They usually have boxy shapes and are large, making them a great option if you have lots of items to carry around. If you don’t want to go with the large-sized style, you can choose the mini duffle or barrel-shaped bags. These have become a popular fashion for daily casual wear.


These are the top six handbags that should be a part of your collection. Your design choice is often a matter of choice because more than being practical, they are also a fashion accessory that defines your personality.