Top Guest Posting Trends in 2021

Top Guest Posting Trends in 2021

Writing for blogs or online magazines for improving your authority and boosting SEO with high-quality backlinks is a proven way of doing content marketing that drives fruitful and long-term results. Since the start of the blogging era, we are writing for others and this will never stop as every passing year, guest posting is increasing in its value. Big publishers are also making money out of publishing sponsored guest posts, selling author accounts, or adopting textual advertising as a goal to make extra income and let the brands receive more leads.

If you are an SEO professional, Blogger, or digital marketer, you could understand it in a better way. Guest blogging (guest posting) is one of the best-result-oriented techniques that makes sense and drive the highest ROI. As it takes much time too to get your guest articles published on a quality site. You should understand one more thing. Like what type of content could help you target a perfect audience? how you will get your targetted audience to open your website from your guest posts? what's the key here?

Well, this is when you have to follow some top guest posting trends, and here's a list of them with details:

1. Informative Articles

Everybody wants to learn something online. According to today's situation, the best way for getting targeted clicks using guest posting is to write some informative guest posts and help people do things. You can write about anything such as:

  • How to boil an egg at home
  • How to play piano on a computer
  • How to write a novel

Or whatever you can write about. Just make sure you are an expert in what you are going to teach others or you are capable of writing that guide. Don't fool people with random lines and such articles also get rejections from blog owners (content publishers).

2. Infographics

If you believe that a picture can say 1,000 words, you are wrong. In today's world with more tools for graphic designers, a picture can say more than a million words. Yes, you can bring your imaginations to life by creating an information-rich infographic and share it with a relevant audience.

There are various websites that accept free and paid infographic submissions. The paid ones are good to go with as you should always choose a trusted website to guest post, this applies to infographic submissions too.

3. Short Explainer Videos

The trend of putting a video into a blog post started when YouTube started to receive some traction and with that, professionals started to create educational videos and bloggers started to embed them into blog posts for helping their readers in a visually-effective way. Soon after this, people started giving more importance to whiteboard explainer videos and now, people are attracted to platforms such as TikTok and Stories on other social media apps.

So the perfect trend for guest posting in 2021 could be the "Short-form Explainer Videos" that can bring more value to a blog post and explain the topic in question as best as possible. This could be a reusable content idea that you can utilize for a blog post, social media post, and a YouTube video too.

4. Helping News Websites

Companies are leaving before touching IPO and this is happening because of low-budget. Most of the newly launched news websites are looking forward to people who can work as a guest author or a guest writer and break the news on their platforms. This brings you extra authority that you can use to promote your services and be a unique author in your industry. The news websites get a free piece of content and you get the authority score. That's how and why you can write as a guest author on various news websites and follow the guest posting trends of 2021 for becoming a well-known blogger.

5. Podcasting

Another famous content-type "Podcasts" even celebrities are joining podcasters and posting their audio messages on their social media handles. You can literally start your own radio show and be a self-paid-host who can choose the topic and invite guests on his own. This is a beautiful way to be famous and talk about things that matter to you or your audience. You can even monetize it and republish it as guest posts on various websites.

This could be a life-changing way of creating content that can be repurposed by transcribing it into articles and videos. Guest posting will also become easier when you have already created brand-new content using podcasting.

PS: If you can follow these top 5 guest posting trends in 2021, you can be a star guest author with a great authority score, and large publications such as Forbes, NYTimes, and TechCrunch will approach you to write for them.

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