7 Tips on Application Development for the Fintech Industry

7 Tips on Application Development for the Fintech Industry

Many studios offer complete turnkey project creation and management. In this case, the package of services for the development of a mobile application may include:

  • analysis of the task, full immersion in the project (including analysis of the competitive environment)ж
  • search for possible existing IT solutions.
  • preparation of a concept and development of a design solution (UX / UI / IA-design), TOR (technical assignment for developers).
  • development of mobile functionality.
  • testing, debugging and auditing.
  • application implementation (implementation, maintenance and support).
  • connecting analytics, publishing an application in online application markets.

Both studios and private specialists can be asked to develop a complete package from fintech app development company, or help with individual tasks. They can also tell you about the accurate cost to create an app. For example, if you already have a prepared technical assignment. A concept has been developed. And you only need to write the code part, this will be a separate independent service. How relevant is mobile app development?

Smartphones and other mobile devices have not only become a part of our daily life, they are a full-fledged offer of us. With the help of mobile phones, we not only communicate with each other. But also we will order goods from stores, buy tickets, book accommodation. We can call a taxi, use phones as navigators, photo and video cameras, reading rooms, online banks, and as a way to have fun and while away time.

What is important

According to statistics published in Datareportal, 67% of adults worldwide use smartphones every day. This is is almost 5.19 billion people (out of a total population of 7.75 billion). The trend towards the transition from simple mobile devices to multifunctional smartphones is only increasing every year. It is assumed that in the near future a person will be connected to his smartphone. That is, all functions and all information from our gadgets will go to our brain.

And while many inventors are working on this, people are wasting time on useless applications. Such as a low-frequency wave mosquito repeller, a watermelon maturity detector, a bubble wrap simulator. Or it's an app that transforms a smartphone screen into a glass of beer. In short, the relevance of mobile application development is growing not only every year, but every month. Hundreds of new mobile applications are released on online platforms every day. It would seem difficult to come up with something new, but good developments in collaboration with good marketing can bring a lot of money to the creator, a clear confirmation of this is the recently sensational TikTok. The ratings continue to grow at lightning speed.

As mentioned earlier, when developing a mobile application, many software elements are created. And there is a huge number of different specialists are engaged in them. In order to synchronize the work of these specialists, and in order for the output to be a high-quality product that will correspond to the original idea and idea, it is very important:

  • to design and write down all the elements of the mobile application interface;
  • draw prototypes of individual screens;
  • work out the logic various menu items and buttons;
  • describe the number of screens, their functions;
  • think over a screen-by-screen diagram of transitions between them (mocap/prototype).

This approach eliminates the need for a long time to understand the technical specifications. With the help of software development company fireart.studio it cn be easily solved. It helps in a short period of time to quickly understand what the mobile application will be about, what its main functions are and what it should do.

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