Top Seven Elements Necessary for Link Building in 2023

Top Seven Elements Necessary for Link Building in 2023

Technology has induced change in every industry, and today no company can survive without integrating it. Companies that understand the significance of progressed technology and admit the ease these technologies have brought do not stick to old-age traditional methods. They readily and radically assimilate technology to carry out their day-to-day operations.

Companies that work hard to establish their name in the market and create an unbeatable online presence can put themselves ahead of competitors. It is almost impossible in the contemporary technologically-driven world to achieve success without establishing an electronic platform, i.e., a web page. Companies cannot only launch a website and consider that sufficient, as different factors determine its success.

The young generation uses search engines to get answers for their queries or come up with an idea. Search engines have intelligent algorithms that consider various factors before displaying the results and demonstrate search results accordingly. SEO, search engine optimization algorithms continue to evolve, and marketers have to keep up with the on-going trends and apply the latest techniques to reserve a spot on initial pages. Most users do not go to the last pages of search results and focus only on the first page. Hence, marketers strive hard and are innovative with their strategies to improve their rankings. Several aspects help with the ascension goals and enhanced visibility — link building is one of them.

Link Building in 2023

The process of earning hyperlinks from other websites to your web page is link building. The intelligent application of effective link building strategies changes the game of SEO rankings. A hyperlink navigates users on the Internet and directs them toward different web pages, improving the linked websites’ visibility and rankings. Link building is a crucial factor for search engines to determine it. Although link building is not a new phenomenon, its landscape keeps changing.

Marketers smartly develop their internal link strategy, as expanding brand reach is a sensitive and challenging task. The more vigilance one can maintain while linking to other sites — the more desirable will be the results. Below we are listing some elements which will be necessary for link building in 2023:

1. Guest Postings

The Internet world is also about building relationships and having good ties with other competitors. You can flex your mind and craft a good write-up, and request reputed related websites to publish it. The point is to hyperlink your website, and it serves as an invitation to users to check out your website.

It may seem like an easy and doable technique, but you must consider other aspects to leverage your guest posts. Before you send one for publishing, ensure that it is a quality piece and send it to the relevant websites. Focusing on these factors will result in high rankings, and you will succeed in garnering a significant number of visitors. Also, there are many proven SEO agencies that provide professional guest posting services.

2. Brand Mentions

Websites often mention each other in their content, but sometimes they do not hyperlink. The Internet has provided several advanced tools that help pinpoint the websites that have mentioned you without inducing your address. To leverage these mentions, you can quickly run an audit and get a list of such websites. Once you have analyzed the pages that did not backlink your page, you can request them to turn the brand mentions into backlinks, and most likely, they will look into your request.

3. Embed Indirect Backlinks of Competitors

Marketers understand that neither do they run campaigns nor companies in a vacuum. They must keep an eye on their competitors, helping them determine areas that need improvement and their place in the market. You can get indirect backlinks from your competitors and embed them on your website. The plus point is that most websites use authentic links, which can help your website earn the badge of reliability. Furthermore, you can quickly pinpoint the standard ones among your competitors and use them for link building. 

4. Give Life to your Dead Links

Many marketers give their utmost attention to the new content and upcoming posts and consider revisiting old content as a waste of time and effort. Experts comment that reviewing old published posts benefits you in pinpointing broken or dead links that you may have missed. People think that once they have acquired quality backlinks, they can leverage them for years. Several times, your hyperlinked websites remove the pages, and your page directs users to an error page. Broken links are the red flags, and search engines put such websites on the back pages.

5. Use Industry-Specific Tools

Infographics catch users’ attention, and websites can attract more customers. Still, they are not the only tool to bring traffic to your website. For link building, you can narrow down and focus on options that are specific to your industry. Building links that direct users to ‘contact’ or ‘how to’ pages effectively addresses users’ queries and can work like a magnet to garner more users.

6. Update Old Content

If you are one of those marketers who think that old content is done and dusted with, you need to change your approach this year. A website can quickly analyze what content manages to get more viewers. After a while, they can tweak the content and update it as per the current trend and utilize it for link building. It is an easy way of reusing the old stuff to improve ranking and brand visibility.

7. Enlist in Online Directories

A general misconception among marketers is that directories are dead, and getting yourself enlisted does not benefit you in the modern age. The truth is that an online directory can help potential customers find your brand, and you can improve your local SEO through them.


The Internet is all about links. While it may seem a straightforward procedure to acquire it, the process requires immense planning and knowledge. Link building landscapes keep on evolving, and every year, new trends come to the fore. After a slow and unprecedented 2020, 2021, and a faster 2022 the 2023 will be a busy year, and marketers can amp their game by applying intelligent strategies.