Benefits of Having Tubs in Your Bathroom

Benefits of Having Tubs in Your Bathroom
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Whether renovating your home or building a new one, a bathtub can be an excellent addition to your bathroom. You could enjoy a wide range of health benefits and add so much value to your home by having it. If you don't have one yet, it's time you consider investing in it.

Slipping into a bathtub after a long day at work can be refreshing. It helps you relax, unwind and clear your mind so that you have a good rest at night. Enjoying such a breathtaking experience from the comfort of your home is the most beautiful part of having a tub in your bathroom. Adding Beauty of Joseon products to your bath routine will make the experience even more luxurious.

But then, many homeowners aren't sure whether tubs are worthwhile. If you are skeptical, this article will help you appreciate the need to have a modern freestanding tub in your bathroom. It will discuss both the health benefits a tub can bring and how it can improve your home.

Let's get into it.

1. Provides Pain Relief

Soaking in a warm bath is among the best remedies for different kinds of pain. Soreness can affect your comfort, and it can culminate into arthritis. The resulting pain and inflammation, whenever it does, can have even severe impacts on your mobility and other body functions.

As mentioned before, a freestanding tub can take care of such pains. Once you immerse your body inside the tub, it starts experiencing constant resistance due to hydrostatic pressure. This pressure impacts your nerve endings, triggering a response from your whole nervous system.

Besides, sore muscles and joints can also get better when you submerge in a tub. Your body's gravity decreases when you slide into the tub. That then brings relief to your muscles and joints, especially in the areas that experience constant pressure whenever you are at work or walking.

You need about 30-40 minutes of soaking in your freestanding tub daily to feel the desired effect. It is advisable to keep the tub warm and add some Epsom salts to it for the best results. If you experience chronic pains, think about making soaking in your freestanding tub part of your daily routine.

2. Adds Value to Your Home

Many things, including bathroom items, determine your home's value. Most homeowners renovate their homes before listing them. This helps them increase the home's value and attract more potential buyers. It also ensures that they list it at the best price possible.

If you want to add value to your home, one area to focus on is your bathroom. You can make your bathroom space more attractive to buyers by changing items like tubs. Other things you can upgrade to add more value to your home include bathroom lighting, wall paint, floor, etc.

For instance, installing a modern freestanding tub can be a perfect idea. You can choose from the many designs of freestanding tubs available in the market. Finding one that blends perfectly with your home decor will add value to your home and reduce the time needed to market it.

Even when going for a freestanding tub, the idea is to ensure it is a modern one. Buyers will choose modern-looking houses over houses with conventional designs. This also applies to every item you have in your home. That's why you should choose a modern tub next time you are remodeling your bathroom. It will help you get better bids and more money once you sell it.

3. Helps With Breathing Issues

Many people experience shortness of breath, especially in cold seasons. This can be a result of various health conditions that sometimes require specialized treatment. But then, it can take time to recover from such conditions, making it vital to manage them as you wait to recover.

If your shortness of breath is cold-related, the best way to solve it is by getting some warmth. A freestanding bathtub is the best for you when looking to warm your body. You can soak yourself for some minutes until your body feels warm again and then dress in warm clothing to retain it.

After spending time in the tub, you'll find breathing less daunting. The blocked upper way of your respiratory system will open up, making breathing seamless. In addition, you will reduce fatigue on your breathing organs. They can get overwhelmed when you are struggling to breathe.

Taking a warm bath is recommended by health professionals as a way of managing breathing problems. Thus, a freestanding bathtub is a worthwhile investment for anyone with such issues. You can install a modern one to ensure you get other benefits besides managing your condition.

4. Enhances Blood Flow

Enhances Blood Flow
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Another health benefit of having a bathtub in your home is to increase blood flow. Many people today have blood flow issues, but then, most of them aren't aware of it. It is vital to ensure that your body has good blood flow even if you haven't been diagnosed with a blood flow issue.

But then, there are a few ways to know if you have a blood flow issue. For instance, feeling numb or having cold limbs signifies that you have it. Once you identify these signs, you should find ways to improve blood flow so that your entire body feels warm.

The best way to ensure this is by spending some time in your bathtub every day. If you have no tub in your bathroom but experience poor blood circulation, invest in a freestanding tub. A warm soak in your tub will relax your blood vessels, opening them up for better blood circulation. 

However, these aren't results you can achieve in a day. Spending at least 30 minutes in your freestanding tub for some days will bear fruits. In the end, good blood flow will ensure good oxygen distribution throughout your body. This ensures all your body organs get the oxygen they need to function well.

5. Improves the Look Of Your Bathroom

Everyone wants to spend time in a desirable bathroom and home. That's why remodeling a house to look modern and meet the changing human needs is vital. One of the best ways to improve your bathroom's look is by investing in good-looking equipment like modern bathtubs.

The more desirable your bathroom appears, the more time you would like to spend there. So, you should invest in its appearance as much as you can. This includes buying a modern freestanding bathtub to bring a positive feeling into the bathroom and make it a better place to spend time.

Kids, too, want to bathe in beautiful bathrooms. Your kid will spend more time in the bathroom if it looks appealing. A bathroom renovation could be all that you need to wow your guests. It, however, will be incomplete without having a freestanding bathtub in your plans.

Besides, adding a freestanding tub to your home will contribute to the value discussed earlier. If a buyer wants to add it once they purchase their home, they'll be happier to find it already installed. That will make them prefer your home and pay more to get it.

6. Improves the Look On Your Skin

Skincare matters to everyone today. No one wants acne, rashes, pimples, and other skin issues. That's why people have skincare routines that involve the use of ointments and many other products. But then, many people forget that you do not need to apply chemicals to achieve your skin goals.

Soaking yourself in warm water is one of the best ways to ensure that your skin glows. Doing this more often will open the pores on your skin, allowing it to breathe. This ensures it replenishes the thousands of cells it loses every minute quickly, ensuring that it looks smoother and younger.

Including a warm soaking into your daily skincare routine is therefore vital. But then, you need the best equipment for that. Freestanding tubs are some of the best options you can consider. With this tub, you can spend as much time as you want in warm water to improve your skin.

Besides, it is easy to include this in your daily skincare routine. Once you have your tub installed, dedicate at least 30 minutes daily to soak yourself in the warm water. After that, you can apply the rest of the skincare products to keep it moist and healthier.

7. Makes Bathing Kids Easy

Bathing kids can be a difficult task; in fact, it can be impossible without a tub. That's why it is vital to invest in one if you have young children in the family. It helps prevent accidents that could break limbs, hands, or other bodily harm if they slide and fall.

A bathtub is the best for ensuring a young child's safety in the bathroom. Once they're inside, you won't be afraid that they could injure themselves by sliding. The fact that kids like to play with water is another crucial benefit of a tub. 

It allows even two or more kids to play without injuring themselves. But then, you need to buy a kid-friendly bathtub. For instance, if you are looking for a freestanding tub, you can narrow your search to one that's best for kids. 

This is in regards to depth so that the water doesn't overwhelm them and the number of kids you have in mind. But you shouldn’t leave kids alone in tubs even if you think it is safe to do so.

Once you find the perfect pick for your home's needs, you won't find bathing kids a problem. It will even be easier to bathe themselves if they are a little older. Besides, it would be best if you went for a modern option that they can use even after they've grown into teens.

8. Can Save Bathroom Space

Can Save Bathroom Space
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You can save a lot of bathroom space depending on the tub you choose. As mentioned earlier, you can install a freestanding tub in a small bathroom if you are renting an apartment. There are tubs for every bathroom size, so you shouldn't worry about finding one that fits your space.

Besides, we discussed earlier that there are various tub designs in the market. It would help if you looked for a design that will save space in your bathroom. For instance, a freestanding rectangular tub won't take much of your space. You will have a generous amount of space for other purposes.

Another excellent way to save space with a bathtub is by choosing one with a shower. There are stand-alone tubs with showers in the market to help you save as much space as you need. The best thing you can do when looking for a tub is by considering this type.

The benefit of having such a tub is that you can get creative with the remaining space. You can invest in freestanding tub accessories that will add some beauty to the space. This also includes having some beautiful furniture to furnish your bathroom and make it worth spending time in.


As you've seen above, an investment in a bathtub is advantageous. You can choose what fits your needs best, from freestanding bathtubs to stand-alone tubs with showers, etc. Whatever you choose, ensure that it will meet your family, mainly kids and seniors, and guests' needs.

You'll need to research to ensure you find the best tub for your home. For instance, you should measure your bathroom size to decide the size of tub to purchase. If you live in an apartment with limited space, a small freestanding tub can be an excellent pick for your needs.

In addition, you may need to look at other features such as the design. The choice of design boils down to personal preferences. For example, you could opt for a freestanding rectangular tub over other shapes. But it helps to blend your choice with your other decor.

The aim should be to meet your needs in the end. You should ensure that your choice will do this for the long term. That will ensure you won't need to change your tub within a short time. A modern freestanding tub is an excellent example of a tub that will stand the test of time.